The Dalton Gardens Youth Ministry exists to provide young people with opportunities that will help them grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. We strive to be a community where relationships can be real, worship can be exciting and heartfelt, and lives can be transformed.

The Dalton Gardens Youth Ministry is designed to encompass all 6th-12th grade students, however, many of our programs are age specific so that the various age groups can have separate opportunities to have their unique needs addressed. There are also many instances when Middle School and High School students attend events together in an effort to promote unity in our youth ministry.

Parents are a vital role in the success of the Dalton Gardens Youth Ministry. A parent will almost always have more influence on their teenager than a teacher, counselor, or minister… that’s kinda the way God planned it. Our desire is that our youth ministry works in full cooperation with the goals and needs of our parents as they lead their teenagers in becoming more like Christ. Because of that, parents are always invited and encouraged to attend any of our youth ministry events and activities. We are here to support, encourage, and cheer you on through the ups and downs of these important (and sometimes crazy) teenage years.