we believe, in the power of prayer.

Dalton Garden Church Prayer Requests

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email. Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another. Please pray for these requests and give God the glory.

Below you will find the latest prayer requests from our congregation. Church prayer requests will date back for two weeks and will be updated every Monday with new prayer requests, from the previous weeks submission.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and al-ways keep on praying for all the believers.” (Ephesians 6:18)

Prayer request submissions and to be added to the prayer list can be emailed to:

Prayer Requests from October 2, 2023

God the Almighty — I praise you, God, because “who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you” Psalm 89:8

Mark & Kim B: Please pray for Betty R’s safe travels and home this week.
Mike, Vanessa, Kyla & Capri W: Please pray that we can find a house to rent in the Dalton Gardens area. Pray for a friend who went to the hospital with an ear infection. Praise God for always being there for me and helping me change for the better.
Sharon L: Thank you to everyone for the prayers. My eye condition has improved considerably with my new prescription. God is good!
Larry & Jean G: Continuing prayers for our family, thank you!
Tiffinay V: Thank you so much for the prayers for my nephew, he is doing so much better and coming to Idaho for rehab.
Scott & Karmen R: Thank God for all our teachers. May He bless everyone who serves in this capacity, we are so blessed to have great teachers.
Dave & Nancy G: Prayer for Bob C’s recovery.
Misty S: Please pray for my niece, Tina to be able to go to the doctor soon. Also, prayers for my dad, AJ, to get insurance approval for his medical treatment so he can start feeling better soon.
Mike & Yvie S: Prayers for Yvie’s neck surgery on October 18 in Post Falls. She is having C-5/C-6/C-7 vertebras fused.
Bob C: Thank you for all the prayers for my recovery. My foot is better, but I am still having trouble with weakness. Please continue to pray for my health to improve.
Dave & Terri J: My dad’s wife Rebecca had surgery on Friday. Please pray for her healing and comfort.
Freda C: Thank you for all the volunteers for Family Promise and for all the prayers. Also, thank you Diane, Michelle, and Gwen for a great Ladies Day.
Ken Q: Pray for my brother-in-law, Kevin, give him peace of mind and his heart.
Tim S: Please pray for Bob E, Angie’s grandpa. He is 98 years old and nearing the end of his days. Also, pray for Angie, Emma, & Evan as they care for him.
Dale H: Please keep the Cargile family of California in your prayers, who have lost their dear mother, wife, and sister Linda C. She was a close friend of our family as well.
Glenn & Judie S: Pray for safety for Betty Rude and Barbara A as they travel this week. Thankful that Floyd & Dee S. could be here. Prayers for Carole F. and Sandy P.
Marty & Betty Jo C: Please continue to pray for my niece Kellie S to cure her cancer.
Dan & Teri D: Prayers for Christy K, Sandy P, and all with pain issues. Thank you for your prayers for the Pinehurst church and for Jim R, Dan D, and Mike W working there.
Terry & Cindy S: Please pray for Kathy R’s healing from wrist surgery.
Wanda W: Thank you church for all the prayers for Christy. She still needs prayers.
Pete & Mary P: The ladies were blessed by a wonderful “Women’s Day”. A big thank you to everyone who works hard to make it a success.
Ruby R: Prayers for Gwen H who isn’t feeling well.
Paul & Katrina S: Please continue to pray for Katrina and Amber’s brother, Bill, as he continues his cancer treatment.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayer for safety for Betty R & Barbara A as they travel to see “The Ark” and “The Creation”. Thank you to Diane, Michelle, and Gwen for a wonderful Women’s Day.
Cody M: My grandfather, AJ could use prayers. He has a procedure on Tuesday. God bless you.
Floyd & Dee S: Thanks to God for allowing Dee and I to be in church this morning. Praise be to God.
Church Office: Please continue to pray for Margie W. She is having trouble regulating her super high blood pressure.

Prayer Requests from September 24, 2023

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

Larry & Jean G: Thank you for continuing prayers. God is Good!
Chris H: Pray for Brenda and Judy to have safe travels this week.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for Shane that he gets help for his addiction and emotional struggles.
Ku L: Please pray for a guy in my class (Roman), his body has been reacting to seizures, but his brain has not. He has been in the hospital. Pray for him to get better.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for Bob Cto recover from surgery on his foot.
Paul & Katrina S: We’ve so enjoyed our time with Katrina’s parents. Please pray for safe travels as they get back on the road Monday and head south!
Dale & Diane H: Prayers for Breanna M. She needs a kidney transplant. Keep the elderly and shut-ins in your prayers.
Aaron L: I would like to thank everyone that came to the baby shower and helped. It meant a lot to us.
Tabby C: Please pray for my stepmom’s brother. He was shot last week and needs our prayers.
Glenn & Judie S: Praying for Bob C who is recovering from a serious foot infection.
Larry & Sylvia S: Thanks to whoever gave Larry the Big Hunk, his favorite. Prayers for Bob C he is home. Prayers for Christy’s recovery from hand surgery.
Betty R: Prayers for Bob & Irene C, Margie W with health issues and Carole F for healing.
Les & Nancy B: Prayers for Christy K’s quick recovery.
Mike & Cindy W: Please pray for our safe travel to Denver.
John & Diana B: Prayers for all Christians to have a sense of urgency.
Jo A: Please pray for my nephew in Arizona. He will be going through very serious surgery soon.
Michael & Carmen L: Pray for Sheba & Larry T, and Reba & Jerry D for encouragement and hope.

Prayer Requests from September 17, 2023

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16

Amber L. : Please pray that the Lord will provide for Daniel to attend the in-person classes for this semester of school.
Brad R. : A brother and sister in Christ, Randy R. and Linda C., are both dealing with stage 4 cancer. They are in great need of prayers.
Jack & Carole G. : Thanks for the prayers for our daughter, she’s home and recovering.  Praise God!
Larry & Sylvia S. : We love our church family, the love and concern they have shown us has been so encouraging.  Happy to be back.
Howard & Delvona R. : Please pray for Georgia B, that she will feel God’s love for her.
Dave & Terri J. : My dad Larry S. , is having breathing issues.  He has COPD.  Please pray for relief. It is wonderful to see Larry & Sylvia back!
Wanda W. : Prayers for Christy K. , she was in a car accident.
Glenn & Judie S. : Prayers for Yvie S. , and Christy K. and her husband as they recover from their car accident.  Also, praying for Family Promise this week.
Claudia M. : Please pray for Beth and Gary, she is in the hospital again.
Betty R. : Prayers for our country, leaders, and our families.  Prayers for my granddaughter Hannah, and her marriage.
Carmen L. : Pray for my sister Sheba, for motivation to work and to make her effort strengthen her muscles and movement. Also, for Reba and her husband Jerry.  He keeps falling and she does not have the strength to pick him up due to her health. They need encouragement and hope.
Paul & Katrina S. : Please pray for all of us in Christ’s family to have courage, speak truth, and love others with God’s love.  The world needs what we have.
Steve & Hilda S. : Please pray for Fernando, he will be traveling for a few weeks.  Prayers for safety.
Church office: Prayer for the upcoming Women’s Day 2023. Pray for our new sermon series on mental health and all who are struggling with special challenges to their mental well-being.
Church office:  Please keep Bob C. in your prayers.  He fell on Tuesday and was taken to the hospital.  Little is known at this time, but God hears our prayers.
Jim & Alyson K. : Pray for Rene M.  from Billings, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Pete & Mary P. : It is so good to see the Slates here!
Benjamin M. : Please keep us safe during our trip to Montana.
Gene & Karen S. : Please pray for Hope Harbor, a youth home in Claremore Oklahoma. Pray for successful programs helping the kids there.
Tiffinay V. : Please and thank you for your continued prayers for my nephew, Robert.  He has had some setbacks with his recovery. Also, please pray for our uncle Loren, his cancer continues to spread
Dale H. : Our prayers for Christy K. and her husband, suffering through a car accident. Keep Wanda W. in prayers as well, as she ministers to Christy.
Anonymous: Pray for my neighbor and friend, Penny I.
Arrty R. : Please pray for the family of Bob F. , he died on Friday.  He was a very good friend of mine.  My loss is great.
John & Diana B. : Please pray for our daughter Jackie, who is pregnant and very sick.
Mike & Cindy W. : Please be in prayer about our family travels on October 1st.  We will be going to Denver for a celebration of life for Cindy’s aunt Kellie.
Dan & Teri D. : Kristy K. was in a car accident Thursday, and she is in much pain. Pray for Georgia’s health and family.
Gilbert & Diana G. : Prayers for safe travels back to Gillette, Wyoming this Tuesday.
Michael L. : Please keep Georgia, Rick and Shelia B. in our prayers. Pray for their healing and strength.
Trisha S. : Keep Christian’s dad, Richard E., and his family in your prayers as he recovers.  Pray for patience, healing, and God’s comfort for the family. Please pray for Georgia B. and her family, let them feel the love of God surround them.

Prayer Requests from September 10, 2023

I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.  Psalm 77:22

Jack & Tabby C: Pray for friends Bill & Nicole as they struggle with difficulties in their lives. Help us to continue being there for them.
Michael & Carmen L: Pray for Suzy A for strength.
Ruby R: Prayers for my son-in-law, Joe M. His prostate cancer has spread to his backbone. He will start shots this week.
Dave & Terri J: Thank you for your prayers as we open our new developmental disability agency. We hope to open October 2nd and would greatly appreciate prayers for our clients’ families, staff, and financial stability.
Freda C: Pray for our two weeks of hosting Family Promise as we strive to bless families in this program.
Sharon L: I am having problems with my vision. Please pray that the doctors can find the problem.
Terry & Cindy S: Prayers for my mom, Marilyn S’s health. She is currently having issues with sodium deficiency in addition to other medical issues.
Angie S: Please pray for my grandpa, Robert E. He spent a week in the hospital due to internal bleeding. He is now back at the Idaho Veteran’s Home. He is feeling better, but he is 98, and his physical strength has been greatly affected.
Betty Jo C: Please pray I find my and my mom’s wedding ring. It is so, so very special to me. I have called and looked everywhere possible. Prayers for someone to turn it in.
Craig & Debbie H: Please keep Craig and me in prayer. We will be traveling for the next three weeks.
Marci N: Praise God and thank him for our church family. Please pray that Ian will continue to have safe travels. He should be home on Wednesday. Pray for him, Chey, Maverick, Ruby and Hexen as they adjust to their new family. Pray for Evan and Amelia as they prepare for their new baby.
Chris & Nichole R: Misty is asking for prayers for guidance as they help Cody make decisions about job training.
Glenn & Judie S: Praying for healing for Brian B’s leg to heal and he will be able to function well. Also, prayers for Larry S, AJ S, and Carole F.
Claudia M: Thank you for your prayers for Beth & Gary. They are doing great. God is Awesome.
Ken Q: Pray for my trip. Sad to say, God has put it on my heart to move back to Alaska, where I will help my older siblings. I am 65 years old. Please pray for my move.
Kurtis R: Please pray for safety and blessings as work takes me to Lewiston for a few weeks.
David & Angela G: Please pray for my mother’s surgery this Thursday for skin cancer.
Bonnie B: Thank you, Lord. My son Brian’s health has improved enough to be moved to another building.
Kathy R: Please pray for my daughters.
John & Diana B: Our two friends passed to Heaven this past week, Janet & David. Please pray for their families.
Dan & Teri D: Pray for Jack & Carole’s daughter. Her surgery is Friday. Pray for Terri Johnson’s business success.  Pray for Sandy & Larry, Carole F in pain and healing.
Jack & Carole G: Please pray for our Kim. She is having surgery Sept. 15. Protect her health.
Cindy & Mike W: Pray for our family with the recent death of my Aunt Kellie. There has been a lot of strife around the relationship with her.
Larry & Jean G: Continuing prayers for our family as they travel. Thanks for the prayers.
Diane Herboldt: Please pray for Yvie Swaim. Thanksgiving for success for heart surgery for Helen Wade.
Dale H: Please keep Sandy P in your prayers for healing.
From the Garden of Prayer: I love coming to the prayer garden, it is so peaceful. We still need prayers for my girls to get off drugs. Please pray for Misty and Shantel. Their children need them.