we believe, in the power of prayer.

Dalton Garden Church Prayer Requests

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email. Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another. Please pray for these requests and give God the glory.

Below you will find the latest prayer requests from our congregation. Church prayer requests will date back for two weeks and will be updated every Monday with new prayer requests, from the previous weeks submission.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and al-ways keep on praying for all the believers.” (Ephesians 6:18)

Prayer request submissions and to be added to the prayer list can be emailed to:

Prayer Requests from June 16, 2024

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105


Betty Jo: Please pray for my friend, Charlene, I am trying to get her to come to church with me.
Daniel L: Pray for my trip to Brazil this coming Thursday for my Master’s graduation and ministry.
Larry & Jean G: Thanks for continuing prayers for Larry and our family. God is good!
Glenn & Judie S: Please keep Sandy P in prayer. She is doing better. She lost her mother last week.
Suzy A: I want to honor fathers today and thank God for my dad who is in Heaven.
Dan & Teri D: Please pray for Dan’s health, Sandy P, AJ S, and Georgia B. Pray for Teri’s upcoming substitute assignment this fall for 13 weeks.
Claudia M: Please pray for Margie W.
Freda C: Praise God! Max E’s brain surgery went well! Pray for Kevin & Kelsey’s move to Fruitland, ID.
Kent & Georgette R: Please pray for Angela & Darrell in blessings for their new married life.
John & Laura L: Pray for our friend’s daughter who will begin college at Lubbock Christian University this fall. Pray for both of our work situations. Pray for the effectiveness of the mission trip. Please pray for Michael L and everything on his plate.
Jack & Carole G: May all the fathers in our church be a blessing to their children. Prayers for Stephanie & Shane and their families.
Scott & Karmen R: So thankful for Yvie S’s successful surgery! Continued prayers for those recovering – Rachel D, Floyd S, AJ S, Sandy P, Debbie D, Wanda W’s daughter, and Nichole R.
Barbara A: Bonnie B is doing better and can receive visitors now. Plan to have a short visit, Bonnie tires easily. Please pray for peace for Bonnie and her family.


Amber L: Please continue to keep Georgia B in your prayers as she receives treatment in Montana and is struggling.
Paul & Katrina S: Katrina has a biopsy on Friday to check an irregularity from her latest mammogram. Please pray for good results. Thank you, family!
John & Diana B: Thank you for your continued prayers for my brother Greg. They have stopped all treatment of his cancer. Praise God for his blessings!
Dave & Nancy G: Prayers for my youngest child, Stephanie, who will be having surgery for cancer.
Les & Nancy B: Glad to see Yvie here. Prayers for Dan to feel better soon. Praying for the Alaska mission team.
Sloan V: I would like to pray for my grandpa. He had a heart attack. I pray that he gets better soon. Prayers for the Celebrate Recovery groups to continue to grow.
Dale & Diane H: Thankful to have our daughter Amii here on Father’s Day. Pray for all fathers as they lead their families.
Betty R: Thankful for all dads and their inner strength from God.
Ruby R: Prayers for Wanda M and family. Joe, her husband, and my son-in-law passed away.
Michael & Carmen L: Continue to pray for Nikki L and her family.
Terry & Cindy S: Briseis, our granddaughter is sick with a stomach virus. Please pray for her and her family to get and stay well.
Val & Tiffany V: Pray for the dads who can’t see their children, it is very difficult to keep it together. Thank you for all your prayers.

Prayer Requests from June 9, 2024

 The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer. Psalm6:9


Dave & Nancy G: So, blessed to be in the Thursday’s Bible study on the Holy Spirit.
AJ S: Pray for my buddy, Margie. Prayers for Sandy P, Rachel and Yvie for a speedy recovery. Pray for Nicki L, and Shannon S. Pray for Steve & Hilda, Dave J’s brother, and Nichole R. Pray for Wanda W’s daughter, Debbie DeG, for the healing of her voice.
Craig & Debbie H: Please pray for our granddaughter Nicole. She is struggling.
Wanda W: Please pray for my daughter, Debbie D, for healing and that she gets her voice back.
Dan & Teri D: Dan has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, pray for answers.
David & Angela G: So good to be back with this church. Thank you for your prayers, cards, and calls. Your compassion and support are a blessing.
David & Linda B: Continue to pray for Sandy P, Yvie S, and AJ S. Also, pray for my grandnephew, Theo as he continues to improve.
Claudia M: Thank you for your prayers for Cynthia and son.
Michael & Carmen L: Please pray for Nikki, our daughter-in-law, for healing from cancer surgery and for chemo treatments to start.
Jo A: Please pray for me. I’m having to deal with a lot of pain in my back.
Larry & Jean G: Thank you for continuing to pray for our family, especially for Larry.
Steve & Hilda S: Please continue to pray for Shane.
Church office: Pray for the family of Bonnie B. Bonnie is in Hospice care after a heart attack. Pray for comfort.
Val & Tiffany V: Please continue to pray for us to find a place and for us to gain custody of our children.


Les & Nancy B: Praying Yvie S recovers well.
Floyd & Dee S: Sooo thankful to be able to worship with everyone.
Jim & Alyson K: Pray for safe travels while we visit Jim’s parents in S.C. and our Girl Scout trip to Savannah, GA.
Kent & Georgette R: Thank you for the prayers for Georgette’s minor surgery for skin cancer. All is well.
Brad R: My oldest son, Bill who lives in Arizona was in a serious mountain bike accident yesterday. He has several broken ribs and a serious case of amnesia. Apparently, there is no brain damage as of yet, but we do not know the extent of the damage. My other son, Jeremy will be flying down to stay with him, today. Please keep Bill in your prayers.
Terry & Cindy S: A friend and Christian sister, Ida P has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the late stages. Pray for comfort and her family in the last days.
Freda C: Please pray for Max E. He will be having brain surgery later this week. Pray for my neighbor Tom O. His stepfather has been put in Hospice. Tom & his wife are on their way to San Diego.
Chris & Brenda H: Chris will be traveling for the next two weeks. Prayers for smooth flying.
Dale & Diane H: We have two grandchildren graduating from high school and one from college. Please keep all kids graduating in your prayers for the goals they set for the future.
John L: Laura is having to work more frequently with less help available. It takes a toll on her right ankle. Pray for healing. John needs prayers for his work and clients as they grow closer to Christ.
Glenn & Judie S: Prayers for Sandy P. God is hearing our prayers for healing. Praise for the healing of Rachel D. She is here today. Thank you, Lord.
John & Diana B: Thank you to our elders and wives!
Gilbert & Diana G: We are leaving on Tuesday. Prayers for safe travel to Gillette, Wy. Thank you.

Prayer Requests from June 2, 2024

 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer”. Psalm 14:15


JT C: Prayers for my mom who is battling dementia.
Glenn & Judie S: We are so thankful for our safe trip to Texas last weekend for our grandson’s wedding. We were blessed. We are also thankful for our 45 years of marriage today.
Claudia M: Please pray for the family in Denning, Oregon. He has dementia and she had successful cancer surgery.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray that all the young people who came to the youth rally are built up and encouraged to stay faithful in their walk with Christ.
Betty R: Prayers for my family.
Sharon L: Praise God! No surgery is needed for neck pain, all pain is related to my hand. Thank you, God.
Dan & Teri D: Please pray for USA unity, Sandy P, the lost, safe travels, and the Alaskan mission trip.
John & Diana B: Please continue praying for my brother, Greg, niece, Shannon, and brother-in-law, Rocky. All with health concerns.
Manual V: Please pray that my wife, Tiffinay has a stress-free and safe business trip coming up and she and my daughter, Sloan have a fun, safe trip to Savannah for Girl Scouts.
Sloan V: I want to pray for Mark because he is going to California. I pray that my mom helps him have fun and that they have a safe flight.
Marty & Betty Jo C: Pray for our graduates and our mission Sunday efforts.
Pete & Mary P: It is good to see Floyd & Dee with us in Worship. Please continue to pray for them.
Brad & Kathy R: Please pray for our children, that they may truly seek the true and living God.
Emma S: I am having difficulty with my current friend group. Pray for guidance and healing.
Kurtis R: Praise God for an amazing youth rally! Pray Christian can find a quick rest this week!
AJ S: Please pray for Sandy P, Nichole’s back, and all with back trouble. Pray for Rachel D, Manuel’s brothers, Yvie’s upcoming surgery, all with cancer, and our leaders. God bless all travelers.
Jen & Arrty R: Praise God for the lives impacted through our youth rally! God is great!
Jacob & Jessica H: Pray for our 18-year-old foster daughter. She is struggling.
Larry & Jean G: Prayers for our traveling family and for Larry’s health.
Michael & Carmen L: Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Nikki. She starts chemo this week. Pray for healing and easy treatment reactions.
Georgette R: Please pray for our country that we will become the one nation under God as we once were.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for Shane and his circumstances. For God’s will to be done and to give Him and us peace through it all.
Debbie Y: Thank you for your prayers, Mila is much better.
Dave & Terri J: Please pray for the Searls family. My dear friend, Melissa passed away suddenly from meningitis leaving behind her 5-year-old and 11-month-old sons without their mother. Please continue to pray for Dave’s brother and my dad. Thank you!
John & Laura L: Please pray for our country with political turmoil and the upcoming elections, the mission offering, the mission trip to Alaska, and continued prayers for our jobs, the health and spiritual needs of our church and community. Please pray for a co-worker who must make life and death decisions for her child.
Larry & Sylvia S: Praise God! Floyd & Dee were well enough to worship with us. Prayers for Gerry R as he recovers from surgery.
Paul & Katrina S: Please pray for everyone dealing with chronic health conditions, that they might feel God’s strength & comfort. Pray that our housing market will become accessible once again for those looking for a first home.
Craig & Debbie H: Thankful for our safe travels. Please pray for our granddaughter who is struggling.
Floyd & Dee S: Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It’s good to be back! God’s love to you all!
Kathy R: Please pray for my daughters.
Kirk D: Rachel had surgery on Thursday. Please continue to pray for healing and patience.
David & Linda B: Please pray for my niece, Macey and her baby Theo T. Theo was born 6 weeks early. He is doing pretty well but is still in the NICU and could use our prayers.
Val & Tiffany V: Please pray for our fight to regain custody of our children. Also, pray for us to be able to find a rental here that meets our needs. Thank you for your prayers.
From the Garden of Prayer: Please pray for my marriage and my family. Thank you, Ed & Carrie.

Prayer Requests from May 26, 2024

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Emma S: My best friend will be moving here in August! Pray for a safe and smooth move.
Larry & Jean G: Prayers for our church family.
Kathy R: Please pray for my daughters. Please pray for our country.


Garden of Prayer: I love you. Jonny just wanted you to know that.


Debbie Y: Please pray for my granddaughter Mila, she has an infection.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for those in our congregation and community who lost loved ones who have served in our military and given their lives to defend our freedoms.
Arrty R: Gerry R needs our prayers for recovery after his knee injury. He is having a rough go right now.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for our son Shane with his addiction struggles.
Scott & Karmen R: Gerry R had surgery Sunday morning for an intestinal infection, it went well. He is still recovering from his knee injury. His mom, Kim, wanted to thank the church for all the prayers for Gerry and continued prayers for the family. Pray for Rachel D with her upcoming surgery, Nichole R for doctors to help with her pain, and Sandy P to start healing with less pain. Thank you to all who served to protect this country.
David & Linda B: Pray for Sandy P and her recovery, AJ S, The travelers, and all those with chronic pain and other issues.
Betty R: Pray for all the travelers and those at camp. Prayers for Ruby and her health and Floyd and Dee. It’s nice to see Rod, and AJ here.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our niece, Shannon. She is being tested for cancer.
Dale H: Pray for Celebrate Recovery; and the upcoming Youth Rally. Keep Sandy P in prayer as she recovers from surgery.
Katrina S: Please keep Paul in your prayers, he’s really struggling with this year’s allergy season. We ask your continued prayers for my brother, Bill W, and his cancer treatment.


Larry & Sylvia S: Thankful for our friends, John & Debbie S and their daughter Rachel, for worshiping with us today.
Mark & Kim B: Please pray for our family to have a safe trip while we are away with Vanessa, Andrew, and Greyson.
Jack & Tabby C: Please pray for Gerry R, he had surgery for stomach pains this morning and all went well. He still cannot put any weight on his leg and must keep it completely straight for two more months. He could use a lot of prayers and encouragement.
Garden of Prayer: My daughter, Misty, was hit by a train and survived but fell back into drugs. Please pray for her sobriety, Misty, and her kids. We need all the prayers we can get. Thank you, your prayers have helped so much in the past.
Dave & Nancy G: Thankful for those who gave their lives so our country can be free.
John L: Please pray for the Saggus and Bure families as they move across the country to pursue new opportunities. Pray for Laura and me in our jobs, and that we figure out how Laura’s debit card keeps getting hacked.
John & Debbie S: Please pray for the Pullman church, it is a small congregation with only 10-20 members.
Garden of Prayer: Please help my dad and let him be happy and not hurt anymore. I love him so much and I want his pain to go away. I want our old life back.
Dan & Teri D: Pray for Sheila H and family. Sheila starts Chemo in June. Pray for Ronda and Scott to have a safe trip home. Thankful for all those working at camp to make it better. Pray for our country.
Les & Nancy B: Praying for Yvie, Sandy, Rachel, Bobbie, Rod, Delvona, and Mary. Praying for healing for upcoming surgeries.


Dave & Terri J: Please pray for Dave’s brother, Rick, and my dad as they are still sick. Thank you all for your prayers– it is a comfort.
AJ S: I found out I have cancer; treatments start June 24. Please pray for success with my brain shunt.  Thanks for all the prayers. Pray for Sandy P, Nichole R, Nikki L, Cody G, and Rachel D. Pray for peace for Kurtis. And please pray for all families traveling.