we believe, in the power of prayer.

Dalton Garden Church Prayer Requests

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email. Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another. Please pray for these requests and give God the glory.

Below you will find the latest prayer requests from our congregation. Church prayer requests will date back for two weeks and will be updated every Monday with new prayer requests, from the previous weeks submission.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and al-ways keep on praying for all the believers.” (Ephesians 6:18)

Prayer request submissions and to be added to the prayer list can be emailed to:

Prayer Requests from March 26, 2023

The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.  2 Thessalonians 3:3


Dave & Terri J: Both Terri and I are sick this weekend nothing says family closeness than being sick together! Prayers for Terri’s father, Larry S. He will be having back surgery in two weeks. We are praying for the team in Nicaragua.
Tabby C: Tabby’s brother, Titus had a “mini-stroke” last Thursday. He is expected to make a full recovery but is going to need therapy to gain full use of his left arm and leg. Also, pray for the therapist working with my brother. They are going to need it. 🙂
Larry G: Prayers for Jean as she continues having physical problems and is quite weak.
Claudia M: Please pray for Ashly M. and family. Thank you.
Craig & Debbie H: Prayers for my cousin’s, sister-in-law, Sue L who just found out she has cancer in her liver and bones.
Hugo R: Please pray for family, my son and for friends.
David & Linda B: Continue to pray for our mission in Nicaragua.
Jim & JoJo K: I am thankful that our congregation supports Mision Para Cristo and that my family can be a part of the mission team down there.
Tiffinay V: Please pray for the fundraiser we are doing next weekend for our friend, Barb, who lost her son. We hope to be able to give her a blessing during this hard time.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our friend, Larry F.
Dave & Nancy G: Prayers for our mission team.
Chad S: Pray for my mother, Cheryl. She has a bad back, and hips.





Church office: Please pray for Sandy P. She is hurting from spine pain.
Glenn & Judie S: Thank you for God’s blessing of our families. Prayers for all who are traveling.
Scott & Karmen R: Continued prayers for the Nicaraguan team and the blessings this trip will bring! Praying for Jean G health.
Barbara A: I would like to request prayers for my nephew, Mathew J. He is in the hospital with a perforated colon. They are hoping to avoid surgery. Prayers for Jimmy as he will be having his wisdom teeth out this coming Wednesday.
Angela G: Praise to God that our Mission Team arrived safely. Prayers for healing for all who are sick and recovering from illness.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayers for our Nicaragua Team for Family Promise, and Floyd & Dee S. Floyd begins a new treatment this week.
Dan & Teri D: Pray for Marilyn N and family at the loss of Lyle. Prayers for safe travel for our family traveling to Billings, MT for the memorial.
Wanda W: Please pray for my family in Montana for the loss of their mom and dad.
Carmen L: Pray for our neighbor, Bonnie. Her husband passed away from heart complications.
Dana M: Ryan has a respiratory infection that doesn’t want to clear up. Please pray for his healing and for some restful sleep.
From the Garden of Prayer: Just want to let you know how much I love this prayer garden. I really do feel the Lord here. Thank you for letting me come and pray. Please pray for my children and grandchildren. Tracy

Prayer Requests from March 19, 2023

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap the harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Glenn & Judie S: Prayers for the Nicaragua team! Prayers for the sick and the lonely.
Emily T: Pray for safe travels to Nicaragua.
Robert & Robin W: Praying for everyone going to Nicaragua, our church family, and my dad who is back in the hospital.
Claudia M: Please pray for Debra S who has an upper respiratory infection. Thank you & God bless you.
Paul C: A man I know, a Christian named Stan, is suffering “unbearable” depression. Please pray for this man, a complete stranger but a brother.
Karmen R: Please keep Toby S in your prayers for a quick recovery from surgery.
Kurtis R: Please pray for the young adults as we learn more about God. Help us reach others in the community.
Kim B: Please pray for safe travels to Saskatoon, Canada for Mark & Kim to see their family and then down to see Adam.
Terry & Cindy S: Please pray for Terry’s sister, Tammy W. She was hospitalized yesterday with a possible infection and ulcers.
Hugo R: Pray for strength for the work year.
Elaine B: Prayers for my friend, Kathy. She is in her 70’s and very indigent (still working doing pet care).
Kent & Georgette R: Please continue to pray for Dave S’s recovery and for our Nation to return to God.
Dave & Nancy G: Safe journey for our Mission team.
Keith F: Thank you for all the prayers for Carole, they are greatly appreciated.
Betty Jo C: I am very blessed to be able to go to Nicaragua, please pray for the mission group.
Sandra W: Pray for those who have lost loved ones, for the sad and lonely, and for those that have had surgery. Please pray that my rotator cuff and shoulder will heal.
Larry & Jean G: Thank you for your continuing prayers for our family.
Misty S: Praise God, Cody got into the summer work site and project search school, working at KMC. Praise for Ryan’s good report from the doctor. Pray for my aunt and cousin. She is sick and he is just out of surgery.
Aaron L: Please pray for my sister, Rylee and Anna. They are going through a rough time.
Macy D: Please pray for Kirk. He is sick.
Bob C: Please pray for Irene. She is still hurting.
AJ S: Prayers for the Sally H family, the Corder family in the loss of Peggy, for the Clark family in the loss of their son. Pray for Amii (Diane’s daughter), Steve S, the Dupey’s daughters and life struggles. Pray for my auntie, Anna. She broke her leg far above the knee, after two broken hips.
Tiffinay V: Please pray for our friend’s Barb & Mel who have had so much loss. Also, please pray for our Grandma Candie. She has been very sick.
Freda C: Prayers for Nicaragua trip and for all others traveling during spring break. Kathy, Pat, & Lavonne.
Craig & Debbie H: My son, John and his family are going to be traveling starting today until April 1. Please pray for safe travels.
David & Linda B: Remember our Nicaragua mission team in your prayers.
Wanda W: Pray for Christy K. She is not feeling well.
Les & Nancy B: Prayers for the Mission Team for safe travel and much success with the Christians there.
Jack & Carole G: Prayers for Jack. He will be having knee surgery. Prayers for health issues in our family. Pray for the team in Nicaragua for a fruitful trip.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayers for Janet M making decisions without having her husband and for her health.
Laura A: Prayers for Bill’s brother Bob A and his wife, Shannon facing the challenge of cancer together.

Prayer Requests from March 12, 2023

“I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer. Psalm 17:6

Kurtis R: Pray for those going to Nicaragua. Please also pray for the young adults that they look for fulfilment in Christ.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for the Dupey and Newell families for comfort at the loss of Dan’s brother-in-law.
Wanda W: Please continue to pray for my family in Montana.
Dale & Diane H: I ask for continued prayers for my daughter, Amii and her family. They are going through a tough time. I also ask for your prayers for our mission team.
Hilda S: Please pray for Steve. He has a very bad cold.
Jim & Alyson K: Praise God that Jim’s dad, Steve, has made great steps to healing.
Dan & Teri D: Please pray for our two daughters, Kelly and Jenny, who are going through some struggles right now. Also pray for the DuPey and Newell families in the loss of Dan’s brother-in-law, Lyle N, a long-time preacher of God’s word. Pray for Dan’s sister, Marilyn, especially.


Larry & Jean G: Thanks for the prayers for us and our family. God is good and hears and answers!
Brittany M: My close friend, Barbara C, her 16-year-old son died on Wednesday. Please pray for her, her daughter Lily, and all the family and friends that are hurting.
Rick & Shelia B: Thankful for my church family. Our family appreciates all your prayers for our family. God is on the throne and my prayer is for all the families struggling. God has all the answers.
Larry & Sylvia S: Praising God for great roads and a safe trip. It’s so good to be back in CDA with our family here at DGCC.
Claudia M: Thank you for the prayers for Terry and Larry. Please keep praying.
Marie C: Prayers for Marie’s Aunt May recovering from gall-bladder surgery. Marie’s brother, Andrew, in Comoros, Africa on a mission trip until March 23. I, Marie, am struggling with headaches, I’ll be seeing the chiropractor on Monday. Brad is struggling with a cough and cold.

Prayer Requests from March 5, 2023

“Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!” Psalm 4:1

Keith & Carole F: Please pray for a successful hip replacement surgery for Carole on Wednesday, March 8.
AJ S: Please pray for the mother of a friend, Loretta S. She is on a ventilator due to cancer. Prayers for Ryan’s brother, Matt. He is having problems fighting ADHD and life. Please pray for Dale’s brother, Wayne and his daughter, Amii. Pray for Lily K knee to improve. Continued prayers for Sheba’s strength. Prayers for a friend, Joe M who was recently widowed. Pray for Adam R and his schooling. Teri D, Misty’s back pain, and all those with struggles. There is power in prayer! Amen.
Brad & Marie C: Alaina K is in the hospital in serious condition recovering from a sledding accident. They were able to remove the ventilator recently. Pray for Brad traveling for work and looking for another job. Our son, Corey is still looking for a different job as well. Prayers for a successful surgery for Carole F on Wednesday.
Dale & Diane H: Please pray for strength and improving health for Nancy B.
Kurtis R: Please pray for my endoscopy (scoping in my esophagus) on Thursday.
Terry & Cindy S: Our son Jared injured his back yesterday and is in a lot of pain. Please pray for his doctors to find a way to relieve his pain.
Georgette R: Please pray for Kent’s recovery from his heart surgery it has been painful. Pray for our children to draw closer to Jesus.
Claudia M: Both Terry S and Larry M (in a nursing home) are doing great. Blessings to you all.
Misty S: Matt M could really use some prayers right now. Please pray Ryan’s doctor’s appointment goes well on Wednesday. God bless everyone.
Dan & Teri D: Pray for Marilyn N (Dan’s sister) as she cares for her husband with severe dementia. Pray for Heidi K as she travels and prayers for healing.


Freda C: Please pray for my sister-in-law, Peggy C and my family. Hospice reports she is in her last days. She is 86 and has been a faithful worker for the Lord all her life.
Wanda W: Prayers for my family in Montana having health problems.
Scott & Karmen R: Asking for prayers for my niece in California. She was in a car accident Friday night. The other driver ran a red light and totaled her car. She has a broken ankle and is banged up. She is awaiting surgery. Continued prayers for the Shavers. Jeff A’s dad, Jim passed away this week. Keep that family in prayer.
Brad R: Kathy and I need prayers for guidance, wisdom, and courage for some upcoming changes we need to make.
Christian E: Prayers for our mission trip! Also, prayers for our nation that we seek unity above all.
Terri J: A dear friend, Kathy G. has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she has diabetes, so it is difficult to regulate everything. Thank you!
Michael & Carmen L: Continued prayers for Sheba to gain more strength and movement. Pray for patience for her husband, Larry.
Larry & Jean G: Thank you for all the prayers for our family and our health. Please continue to pray for our son, Wade who is having decompression back surgery on Thursday.
David & Linda B: Pray for Carole F who is having hip surgery on Thursday.