we believe, in the power of prayer.

Dalton Garden Church Prayer Requests

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email. Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another. Please pray for these requests and give God the glory.

Below you will find the latest prayer requests from our congregation. Church prayer requests will date back for two weeks and will be updated every Monday with new prayer requests, from the previous weeks submission.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and al-ways keep on praying for all the believers.” (Ephesians 6:18)

Prayer request submissions and to be added to the prayer list can be emailed to:

Prayer Requests from November 26, 2023

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Suzy A: I want to praise God for my continued recovery from alcoholism.
Pete & Mary P: Please pray for Betty R brother Larry. He is dealing with health issues. Also, Betty is traveling to Arizona this week, pray for safe travels.
Jack & Tabby C: Thank you for your prayers as Dave & Terri worked through the red tape to get Chrysalis open. Please continue to pray for Terri and the staff and clients as it is opening this week.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for all our marriages, especially new ones.
Cindy S: Please pray that Yvie’s appointment will go well, and her bones will heal so she can begin physical therapy.
Larry & Sylvia S: We are so blessed by this church family.
Dan & Teri D: Praise God for, at least, a temporary truce for Israel and Hamas. Pray for Les in healing as well as Nancy G, AJ, Rod, and Margie. Blessing: Rose’s section 8 is complete, and her rent is lower. Larry (Teri’s brother) has been recovering from illness. Please continue to pray for him.
Judy M: I pray that my kids will start going to church.
Sloan W: Please pray for my Uncle Loren. He is fighting cancer.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our family member, Charlie who is going through as very difficult time in his life.
Dave & Terri J: Please continue to pray for Dave’s brother and Terri’s dad with their health issues. Thank you.
Debbie E: Please pray for a safe trip home with difficult road conditions over the passes. I pray for the church here.
Glenn & Judie S: Pray for Larry P. He is back in the hospital. Prayers for Kent R and for Betty’s safe travels to Arizona for the winter. Blessed to have son Danny & Joy with us today.
Katrina S: Please continue to keep AJ in your prayers for healing, along with all who’ve been battling this terrible cold going around. Thank you for your continuing prayers for my brother Bill and for Paul’s work.
Margie W: Prayers for Betty R safe journey this week to Arizona. Healing hands for Larry.
David & Linda B: We give thanks for all blessings.
Dale & Diane H: Please keep our daughter Becca R in prayers as she gets closer to her due date for a new baby daughter, Morgan. She is to be born at the end of the year.
Carole F: Please pray for continued healing of my foot.
Larry & Jean G: Thanks to God for our special time with family this past week.
Bonnie B: Pray for peace for our country and all countries.
Betty R: Continued prayers for my brother Larry, Kent & Georgette. I may be headed for Arizona this week. God is so good.
Ruth W: If you don’t have much to be thankful for, be thankful for some of the things you don’t have!
Nancy B: Thank you for remembering Les in your prayers. He is doing well. Let’s pray for AJ and his back issue, Karmen R, and others with continuing health issues.

Prayer Requests from November 19, 2023

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10

Brad R: I have a medical procedure coming up on Tuesday. Please pray that it goes well and that I recover quickly. Please pray for a Brother, Randy R in Vancouver. He has stage 4 colon cancer and is on Hospice.
Amber L: Amber has decided to look for work that would allow her to be home when the kids get home from school. Pray she finds suitable work.
Macy Rae D: Prayers please to help our Hannah to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Kathy R: Please pray for my two daughters and son-in-law.
Georgette R: Please pray for community service workers Ashley & Jonnie and kids that they will get help to find a home, they do not have one right now.
Sierra S: Pray for the family of Jayden M, who passed away suddenly a month ago.
Colton R: A prayer for the recovery of my grandfather.
Margie W: I am here by the power of prayer.
Bob & Irene C: We still need prayers for our health to be restored.
Betty R: Thank you for the prayers for Larry. He is home now and has many things to conquer. Thanks to Cole for helping me with Larry. Continuing prayers for Kent, Hannah, and Ross.
David & Linda B: Pray for all who are ill and all who have chronic issues.
Wanda W: Prayers for Les to feel better.
Jen R: Please pray for my friend, Joann. Her brother passed away last week.
Scott R: Please pray for Karmen suffering with a terrible cold and breathing issues. She is in the hospital. Pray for her to have a quick recovery.
Tristan M: Please pray for my dad to heal quickly.
Robert & Robin W: Please pray for Sandy P, AJ, Betty R, Margie W, Judie & Glenn, and the Ladies Bible study group. Good to see Yvie is getting better.
Claudia M: Good news, Jed L can drive! Please pray for Carl B to move to Post Falls. He is Julie L’s dad.
Glenn & Judie S: Please pray for Larry P, Betty’s brother. He is home now and has a lot to deal with. Also, for Kent to be able to have surgery on his foot.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for Nancy’s recovery. She is still struggling with a horrible cold.
Michael & Carmen L: Please pray for Reba D as she works through financial issues after her husband’s death.
Debbie E: Thanks for the prayers for my husband and Christian’s dad, Richard with his recent heart attack.
Larry & Jean G: Thanks, and continuing prayers for family and health.
Rod B: Lord God, save us from our fears and violence.
Steven A: Please pray for a good recovery from dental surgery for Barbara D at the Three Forks congregation.
Dave & Terri J: Please pray for Dave’s brother Rick. Doctors believe he is in the beginning of dementia. He is also very sick and his wife is trying to get an MRI of his stomach set up.
Dan & Teri D: Be praying for so many that are hurting in Gaza and Israel. Pray for good health for us all. Thank God for answered prayer.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for wisdom in dealing with our struggles with our son and his girlfriend.
David & Angela G: Please pray for safe travels for us as we go to Southern Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with our kids.
Brielle W: Pray for my father as he faces all the testing and health issues.

Prayer Requests from November 12, 2023

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:2

Janet M: Still trying to get settled but happy to be in my own home again. If you would like my new address please call the church office. Miss you all and hope you are doing well. Will be visiting there, God willing, sometime next year when time and weather permit. God bless you all.
Michael & Carmen L: Please pray for Reba at the passing of her husband.
Kurtis R: Please pray for those who are sick with colds as other illnesses are going around.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for Steve, Hilda, and Nancy as they recover from bad colds. Pray for Steve’s safe travels to California.
Amber C: Pray that I can be strong in the Lord and not give up.
Dave & Terri J: Please pray that the government gets everything together so we can start. We reached out to the Governor which has helped. We are eager to get our clients going.
Glenn & Judie S: Please keep AJ in prayer. He is still struggling with balance and pain. He is missed.
Larry & Sylvia S: Happy to see Sandy P and Robin & Robert W here. Praise God. Please continue to pray for them.
Kathy R: Please pray for my two daughters and my son-in-law.
John & Diana B: Thank you for your prayers for our friend and sister-in-Christ, Cynthia F. Her breast cancer surgery went great. No more cancer.
Wanda W: Please continue to pray for Les B.
Betty R: Continued prayers for my brother, Larry. He is still in the hospital in Seattle trying to decide whether to have surgery or not. Prayers for his spiritual life. Also, pray for Kent’s health issues.
Georgette R: Please pray for our military overseas as they have been in challenging situations.
Robert & Robin W: Prayers for everyone suffering with hardships mentally and physically.
Dave H: Holidays bring lots of anxiety and depression. I’ve been having lots of difficulty at my apartment. Noise, disturbances, and threat of eviction, very unsafe.
Nancy B: Thank you for remembering Les in your prayers. He is doing well.
Betty Jo C: We worship a wonderful, gracious, loving God! Thank God for all the veterans!
Freda C: Pray for friends and family of Linnette F, my former co-worker. She passed away this week.
Jean G: Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to keep Larry’s health in your prayers and our family. We had a good visit. Also, thankful for our new granddaughter, Cara. Jenna and baby are doing okay.
Scott & Karmen R: Please pray for AJ S. He has tests this week. He is still waiting to get relief for his back. Steve A a friend with melanoma. He has many tumors and is getting treatment in Seattle. Pray also for Lisa. Prayers for Russell S a friend with brain cancer and his family as they decide treatment options. So thankful for Les B’s successful surgery. Thankful for all those who are devoted to daily prayer for others in need. God is awesome!
Tiffinay V: Please continue praying for our Uncle Loren, his cancer continues to get worse and his pain increasing.
Margie W: Pray for AJ S and Robin W. Give them peace knowing, they are loved.
Dale & Diane H: Dale’s brother Wayne needs prayers for his health. We are thankful for safe travels.
Craig & Debbie H: Prayers for Dave & Nancy G they are sick. Prayers for Les B who is healing from surgery and is sick. Good to see Nancy B here today.
Trisha S: Please keep Tracie B’s family in your prayers. Being a single mom is difficult and she needs your prayers.
Jen & Arrty R: Please pray for Arrty’s mom as she is having medical tests this week.
AJ S: An update on me: everything is starting to come together. Please pray for me, today I will be going in for a spinal tap. Thank you for all the prayers. Please pray for Carmen’s sister, all who are sick and all those in chronic pain. I want to thank the Klein family for all that they did for me around my home. Thank you to Terry S and the Helping Hands ministry.
Pete & Mary P: Please pray for Betty and her brother, Larry. He is having serious health issues. Also, remember Charles & Vinita B.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for our daughter, Audra as she recovers from hand surgery and deals with pain meds causing nausea.
Rod B: Lord, bring someone who truly cares to the one who suffers alone.
Linda B: David is dealing with a bad cold, pray for quick healing. A family member, Alyssa, 12 years-old, is dealing with neurological issues. Pray that answers are found quickly.

Prayer Requests from November 5, 2023

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18

Jo A: Please pray for Glenda to gain strength so she can come back to worship with us.
Kurtis R: Please pray that God would help change my attitude towards my job.
Larry & Jean G: Prayers for Jean and her infection.
Trisha S: Thank you for your prayers for Ila B. My mom’s friend. She regained consciousness but still has a long road ahead.
Pete & Mary Pet: Please pray for Charles & Vinita B. Pray for Charles’ health and that he will not fall.
Georgette R: Please pray for our country’s leadership to stand for God in America.
Brad R: Shockingly this morning during worship service I received a text from my son saying that: “His wife wants a divorce, and he is giving it to her” Please pray for Jeremy & Jessica.
Glenn & Judie S: Thankful for Yvie’s healing and that she could be here today.
Arrty & Jen R: Please pray for the elections on Tuesday, especially for school board trustees.
Dan D: Prayers bring comfort and healing. Always pray, especially for each other. Thank you for the prayers. We continue to try and stabilize my condition with my back pain, heart, and kidneys through therapy and medication.
Craig & Debbie H: Prayers for Nancy B she is still under the weather. Prayers for Les. He will have surgery on his back this Thursday.
AJ S: Thank you for the continuing prayers for an old guy! Praise God for his grace. Prayers for all those struggling and for those sheltering at home. Pray for Dan D, Dave H and Kathy R daughters and son-in-law.
Dave & Nancy G: Pray for Jack & Carole to get well soon.
Rod B: Lord, awaken our love for truth.
Les B: I am having back surgery this Thursday. I would appreciate your prayers.
Michael & Carmen L: Pray for Reba (Carmen’s sister) in the passing of her husband Jerry.
Ben M: Pray for Les B’s back surgery to go well.
Marty & Betty Jo C: Please continue to pray for my niece Kellie S who is battling cancer.
Emma S: I’ve been having difficulty in a specific aspect of my life. Please pray for peace and comfort. It’s been giving me a great deal of anxiety.
Kathy R: Please pray for my daughters and son-in-law.
Dave & Terri J: Thank you for your prayers for my dad Larry S. His surgery went well. They got all the cancer. Praise God.
Terry & Cindy S: Our daughter, Audra S, had wrist surgery on Friday and is home resting and recovering. Pray for complete healing.
Katrina S: Praise God for Yvie’s positive results from surgery! Please pray for Paul and his coworkers as they are working towards some important goals for the business. Please keep Katrina’s brother’s (Bill) ongoing cancer treatment in prayer. Thank you!
Claudia M: Please keep praying for Jed & Julie L. Thank you!
Carole & Keith F: Pray for the situation in the Middle East. Pray for Ken Q as he leaves us, keep him strong and for him to know we will miss him.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our brother-in-law Rocky. He has a mass on his spine.
Betty R: Thank you for your prayers, Jim & Diane arrived in Virginia with no problems. Continue to pray for Hannah & Ross and their issues.