we believe, in the power of prayer.

Dalton Garden Church Prayer Requests

What follows are the specific requests made by members of the Dalton Gardens church family by cards, phone and email and other requests from around the world by email. Thank you for the privilege of praying for one another. Please pray for these requests and give God the glory.

Below you will find the latest prayer requests from our congregation. Church prayer requests will date back for two weeks and will be updated every Monday with new prayer requests, from the previous weeks submission.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and al-ways keep on praying for all the believers.” (Ephesians 6:18)

Prayer request submissions and to be added to the prayer list can be emailed to:

Prayer Requests from July 14, 2024

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17


Jack & Tabby C: Please pray for my stepmom, Lucy P. She messaged me saying that she is not doing well. But nothing more. She is living in the Philippines, so communication is difficult.


Les & Nancy B: Prayers answered, Ruby is able to be here today. Continue to think of AJ and the Dupeys.
Glenn & Judie S: Praise God! Sandy P is home after her long time in care after her surgery. She is free of the pain!
Michelle T: Please pray that Emily, Grace, & Clementine have an encouraging week at Yellowstone Bible Camp.
Betty Jo C: Thanksgiving and praises for having the Alaska mission trip go so well. It was a blessing.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for Teri D to get the treatment she needs soon. Also, prayers for our country, its leadership, and the safety of the candidates and people who are supporting them.
Dale & Diane H: Please pray for Dale’s brother, Wayne. He needs heart surgery as soon as possible.
Sloan V: Please pray for Tina, she is a young mother and nurse battling cancer.
Jo A: Please pray for my son, Brad. He is in so much pain from his sciatica.
Kurtis R: Thank you, Dave, for teaching the Adult Bible class. Pray I will make time and am granted the wisdom to lead a class as teaching is new to me.
Jim & Janelle B: Praise God for my new grandson, Abel Gray, 7/6/24. Mother and baby are doing well.
Trisha S: God, please unite this country, one nation under God!
Steve A: I need to drive to Indianapolis on Tuesday. I would appreciate prayers for a safe trip. Thank you.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayers for Teri D as she waits for surgery. Please continue to pray for Georgia B and prayers for Suzy & Shane B as they begin a new life together.
AJ S: Pray for Sandy P, Teri D, Margie “Buddy”, all the travelers, shut-ins, sick, hurt, family troubles and trials, our church leaders, and our troops. Thank you for your prayers. Praise the Lord, the shunt is scheduled for Aug 14, Amen.
Andra S: Prayer for emotional healing, contentment with where I’m at, and His help moving forward with my life.
Paul & Katrina S: God is good!
Larry & Jean G: Continuing prayers for family and Larry.
Pete & Mary P: Thanks a bunch to Larry & Sylvia S for hosting the veteran’s lunch on Friday. They are a blessing.
Scott & Karmen R: Praying our country will wake up and seek Christ. Continued prayers for Teri D and a successful surgery.
Georgette R: Please pray for the families whose loved ones were hurt in the assassination attempt of Donald Trump. We call upon the Lord for our nation.
Jack & Carole G: Thank you, Lord for protecting Donald Trump and continued prayers for his safety. Blessings for the Dupeys, our church, and our country.
Val V: My wife, Tiffany crushed her big toe while working. Please pray the healing process goes well. Thank you for your prayers, everyone.
John & Laura L: Pray for our nation and calm political discourse. Pray for the victims in PA at the political rally. Prayers for those struggling with hurts, habits, and hang-ups.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for President Trump and his safety. Pray for the integrity of future presidential elections.
Jim & Alyson Klein: Pray for Grace and Clementine to grow while at Bible camp, and to return home safely.
David & Linda B: Pray for Teri D as she awaits/recovers from hernia surgery; and AJ as he undergoes radiation. Praise that Sandy P is improving.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our kids as they prepare to move here.
Dave & Terri J: Please pray for Dave’s brother who is in great pain. He is ready to go home to God. Please pray for our family. Please pray for the Dupeys and AJ due to health concerns. Please pray for our nation. Please pray for the church in Alaska.
Sharon L: Prayers for our country to come together.
Michelle G: I would like your prayers for my mental health. I have been backsliding and my thoughts are very overwhelming.

Prayer Requests from July 7, 2024

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2

Claudia M: Please pray for our nation to wake up and find Jesus. Thank you.
Tim & Angie S: Pray for our good friends who need a 2br/2bath, pet-friendly, long-term rental house within minutes of 16th & Sherman. They are living in a motel until they can find something.
Dale & Diane H: So thankful that everyone is home safe from an amazing, uplifting, Alaska mission. Prayers for Jhonson S newly baptized child of God he is such an encouragement to me.
Marty & Betty Jo C: Praise to God for a successful mission trip to Alaska.
AJ S: Please pray for 9-year-old Delilah, Steve A’s brother, John, Carlette T, Dan D, Robin W, Margie W, Irene C, and Sandy P. Pray for my friend Cindy R’s recovery from a painful back. God has blessed me beyond measure. Thank you to Corina C and her family, what a blessing to me.
Suzy & Shane B: Please keep my mom, Jo A in your prayers. She is struggling with her health.
Larry & Jean G: Thankful for family and friends and continuing prayers.
Les & Nancy B: Please pray for AJ and his treatments. Glad the Alaska team is home safely. Prayers for Ruby.
Glenn & Judy S: Prayers for all who are sick with COVID. Thanks for the safe and productive trip for the Alaska team.
Katrina S: Please continue praying for health and relief for Sandy P, AJ S, and Bob & Irene C.
Judy M: Keep praying that my two kids, who live with me will start coming to church.
Aubri & Olivia G: Please pray for my Papa, Bob W, he just had surgery to remove cancer from his lung.


John L: Prayer of thanksgiving for the Alaska mission trip. Pray for our church and its needs. Pray for the Deitz family and their time of morning.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for the family of Shirley D to be comforted in their time of loss.
John & Diana B: Please pray for our youth as they are the next generation of our church leaders.
Larry & Sylvia S: Jo A has been struggling with back pain. Let’s pray for her. Also, Sandy Priddy – Let’s pray she continues to improve.
Freda C: Please continue to pray for Shirley W. Her recovery from heart bypass is very slow.
J.T. C: Please pray for my mom, Vicki, as she battles dementia.
Kathy R: Please pray for my daughter, Chelsey. She is having more seizures and now has some tics from her meds.
Scott & Karmen R: So thankful for safe travel. All who went to Alaska are home. May Ben and his congregation be encouraged and filled with the Spirit to share with their community.
Steve & Hilda S: Please pray for our son, Shane, and all who struggle with addictions.
Dave & Terri J: Thank you to God for an amazing trip to Alaska. The team worked hard, and we saw God’s love the entire week. Please pray for the Alaska members they blessed our lives so much.
Tiffinay V: Please pray for my niece, Leah. Yesterday would have been her best friend Jessica’s 19th birthday. Jes passed away 4 years ago, and Leah is having a hard time.

Prayer Requests from June 30, 2024

I sought the LORD, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! Psalm 34:4–5, 8


Richard & Mary E: Pray for Delilah. She is 9 years old and battling cancer.
Trisha S: Please pray for our country.
Marci N: Please pray for my parents as they transition to a new home. Continue to pray for my family to put God’s will first. Pray for John and me to have safe travels. Praise God for our many blessings.
John & Laura L: Please pray for my co-worker’s daughter. She is 38 weeks pregnant and has type 1 diabetes. Continue to pray for our jobs.
Gwen H: Pray for Ruby R. She is home sick with a cold.
Claudia M: Thank you, Cynthia is healed! God is awesome.
Michelle, Emily, & Evelyn T: Please pray for the Alaska mission trip.
Carole & Jack G: Prayers for AJ and radiation, safe travels for the mission team, and the Gowans. Thank the Lord for our freedom to praise Him.
Kent & Georgette R: Thanks be to God for answered prayers.
Terry & Cindy S: Pray for Dan D to continue recovering from his illness, especially the back pain.
Sharon K: Prayers for Robert & Robin W, Nancy B, my upcoming eye appointment, and the mission team.
Tabby C: Prayers for Jack’s recovery. He is home sick today with a very bad cold/flu.
Craig & Deb H: Please pray for Barb A, she is sick. Thankful to see Dan D at worship.
John & Diana B: Let’s pray for boldness to tell our friends and neighbors that Jesus saves!
Larry & Jean G: Thanks for your continuing prayers for our family and Larry.
Emma S: We have been extremely busy at Schmidty’s, which is a huge blessing, but it has been physically and mentally exhausting. Pray for energy and rest.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayers for Larry & Sandy P.
Eric S: Pray for traveling mercy for my drive home on Thursday. Pray that God will provide for my needs.
Edith M: Prayers of protection for Brian M who is deployed.
Les & Nancy B: Please pray for Mike & Yvie, The Alaska mission team, Larry G and AJ S.
Glenn & Judie S: Prayers for the mission team in Alaska, may they make a difference.
David & Linda B: Pray for our mission team in Alaska. Pray for all those recovering from surgery and/or illness.
Steven A: Please pray for my brother, John. The doctors don’t give him more than a few weeks to live.
Marty C: Please pray for the Alaska mission team to glorify God and bring everyone home safe.
Paul & Katrina S: Praise God for answered prayers! My biopsy came back negative for cancer but positive for a condition that raises my risk somewhat, so I will just need to get more frequent scans. Please keep Dad in your prayers as he recovers from his TIA. Thank you, family.
Freda C: Continue to pray for Shirley W. Her bypass surgery went well but she is struggling with recovery.
Dale H: Please pray for Carlette T as she deals with a tumor on her brain and the treatment she will undergo.
Mike & Yvie S: Please pray for Shirley S’s recovery. She is back at Pacifica. Pray for healing for Mike. He had a stroke in the balance part of his brain.
Mike A: Please pray for Barbara A as she recovers from Covid.
Judy M: Please pray for my two kids, who live with me, to come to church.
Angela G: Please pray for safe travels for us. Pray for the Alaska team to be a blessing to the congregation there. Please keep Mike S and Irene C in your prayers.
AJ S: Pray for my “buddy” Margie, the youth group, Sandy P back home, and our mission team. Pray for all cancer patients. I start radiation on Monday.
Dan D: Pray for Sandy & Larry P, Mike S, Katrina S, and Dan for improvement and healing.
Keith F: Please pray for Ron & Estelle C. Ron was recently placed in hospice due to cancer.
Betty R: Prayers for those in Alaska, they will have a good week. Be with those recently sick, Pete & Mary, Barbara, Sally, and prayers for AJ and his treatments.

Prayer Requests from June 23, 2024

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

AJ S: Please pray for Wanda’s daughter’s voice. Prayers for Dan D, Georgia B, Katrina S, Sandy P, Nicki L, and Nichole R. Pray for my friend, Bill C, with stage 4 liver cancer. Please pray for my radiation treatments to be successful.
Georgette R: Praise God for Adrian & Keegan as they became engaged in the prayer garden. Please pray for their life together in Christ.
Dave & Terri J: Please pray for Terri’s dad. It appears that his kidneys are beginning to atrophy. Also please continue to pray for Dave’s brother Rick as he remains in extreme pain. Prayers for Dan D and Katrina S. Thank you for your prayers.
Les & Nancy B: Please pray for Dan, Larry, and Wanda. Pray for the Alaska mission team.
Scott & Karmen R: Love, love, love our church family! Keep Dan D & Shirley S in prayer for healing. Big joy and kindness to someone each day. Praying for safety and blessings with all those going to Alaska.
Brendan & Jenna K: Please pray for hearing for the Swenson family.
Larry & Sylvia S: Prayers for Dan D. He is out of the hospital but still has a lot of pain. Thankful for so many guests today.
Glenn & Judie S: Praying for the mission team going to Alaska. Also, for the safety of Jim & Diane R.
John L: Prayers for a co-worker who lost a baby at 13 weeks. Prayers for our mission team heading to Alaska.
Carole & Jack G: Prayers for Dan D and Stefanie for a healing touch from God. Pray our country brings back faith in all the land.
Dave & Nancy G: Prayers for the upcoming surgery for my daughter in Houston, Stefanie.
Pete & Mary P: What a blessing to have Sally A and our friend Pat S visiting us this week. They live in Arizona.
Trisha S: Please pray for my niece, Jamie. She and her husband are trying to have another child. She has miscarried several times.  Also, for my nephew, Michael, he has applied for work with the county.
Wendy M: Please pray for my sister, Dawn R, who has been struggling with adjusting to her husband being in a facility for dementia.
Betty R: Prayers for my brother Larry. He is in the hospital fighting an infection. Pray for the ones going to Alaska. Prayers for Kent for his strength and health.
Val V: Please pray for my daughter to make the right decisions in life.
Sloan V: I would like to pray for my grandpa, that he continues to heal.
Judy M: Pray that my two kids, who live with me, will come to church.
Larry & Jean G: Prayers for all our traveling visitors.
Michael & Carman L: Please pray for Carmen’s sister and brother-in-law, Sheba & Larry T for encouragement and to feel our love.
Betty Jo C: Please pray for all of us going to Alaska. It’s going to be a great time and a blessing. I love working for the Lord!
Mike & Yvie S: Please keep Shirley S in your prayers. She is in the hospital with low blood pressure. No visitors, please.
Claudia M: Please pray for Cynthia, with Covid. She has had it seven times.
David & Linda B: Pray for the travelers. Pray for our mission team. Pray for all who suffer.
Terry & Cindy S: Our friend, Al P in Washougal, WA is having a pacemaker installed today and would love all the prayers on his behalf.
Tiffany V: Please pray for my daughter. She is pregnant and wants to terminate the pregnancy. Please pray for her not to make that decision.
Sierra I: Please pray for my children at this difficult time.
Terry & Nancy S: Please pray for safe travels driving through Canada and Alaska.