In the original language of the New Testament, over a hundred times Christians are commanded to be or do something specific for “one another.” The fellowship of a church family goes far beyond whether or not a congregation is friendly. We are called out by God’s love to love others in a sacred way that far exceeds what the world does. The church should do people better than anyone else on earth. Love one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, forgive one another, bear the burdens of one another, belong to one another; on and on goes the list of relational commands.

We have found that our small group ministry (we call them LIFEgroups) provides our church family with the best opportunity to practice the “one another” passages. Our Shepherds ask every member to participate. Groups meet at different times, on different days, and in different places throughout the area each week, so no matter what your schedule is like, there will be at least one group that fits you.

Each group studies the scriptures, prays for each other, and then plans various projects to reach out to friends, neighbors, and strangers in the community. It is that last part that truly provides life to our LIFEgroups. The outreach ministries are as diverse as the groups, but each group understands that they have a commission from God to put their group’s gifts into practice to seek and save the lost.

Members regularly comment that their closest friendships are with those in their LIFEgroup. Our elders have found that once a person becomes involved regularly in a LIFEgroup it is very rare for that member to drift away from us.

If you want to be part of a LIFEgroup, just call one of the LIFEgroup leaders listed below or the church office for assistance. Let us “love one another.”

Our LIFEgroups:

Athol LIFEgroup Scott Rouse Tuesday, 6:30 pm Athol 208.755.9272
LIFEgroup 7 South Chris Harlan / Mike Wood
Sun, 12:30 pm (paused) Cd’A 208.209.3711
Post Falls Craig Hengge
Sunday, 2 pm  Post Falls 419.565.8496
SaLT Jim Klein / Kirk Davidson
Sunday, 5:00 pm Hayden 405.401.6596
So In Love Judie Sanborn
Tuesday, 10:30 am Small Aud. 208.755.9272
The Heart Throbs Michael Lewis
Thursday, 10am Conf Room 208.651.6707
The Helping Hands Mike Swaim
Sunday,  5pm  Hayden 208.640.3247

If you have questions, please contact the church office at 208-772-0541.