Our Roots

A Brief History of the churches of Christ & Our Local Church Family

Spiritually, we believe the church was established shortly after the resurrection of Jesus Christ and began on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. Peter preached the first gospel sermon and thousand responded. They became Christians when they declared their faith that Jesus is the Son of God and were immersed into Christ for the forgiveness of their sins to receive God’s Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 36-40).

It is our commitment to be an extension the church Christ originally established. What we believe; how we are organized; what we pursue; how we worship; and, what we teach is all based on the original principles established in the New Testament about the Christ and His church. We are not perfect. And we are not so arrogant as to use our commitment to scripture and first principles as a basis to judge others who may believe differently. But we do endeavor to maintain a sacred commitment to keep the scriptures of God as the ultimate foundation for all we believe and endeavor to be the kind of church Jesus and His apostles established shortly after his resurrection and ascension into heaven.

Historically, the churches of Christ emerged in America in the 1700’s as part of a “Back to the Bible” movement. It developed as followers of Christ in many different churches became distressed at all the human traditions, human boards, various human creeds, denominational hierarchies that seem to be robbing the church of it simple yet divine identify in scripture. As more and more believers read their Bibles and compared their church’s beliefs to God’s Word they wondered why not just return to the basic principles of scripture and allow the Bible to be our sole authority for who and what we are. The “Back to the Bible” movement, also know as the “Restoration Movement” swept across America in the 1800’s and around the world.

The Dalton Gardens church of Christ began as part of that movement in 1944 with Christians in the area deciding their priority should be to just do Bible things in Bible ways and no longer to be known in denominational terms, but to just be Christians… and just follow the scriptures as a congregation of Christians.

Today, Dalton Gardens in a beautiful community surrounded by Hayden to the north, Coeur d’Alene to the south and east; and Post Falls to the west. Over a hundred thousand people live within ten miles of where the church meets and the community continues to grow rapidly. The Dalton Gardens congregation is also growing as more and more people seek a loving place where Christians are just trying to be authentic servants of Christ; a place where the holy scriptures are carefully studied and clearly taught; and, a group still trying to be the church portrayed in scriptures as the “body of Christ.”

If you are looking for a church that will help you to be close to the Lord, the scriptures and encourage you to live a significant life of service please check us out. Be our guest soon… feel free to ask us questions or let us know how we can serve you. We love people searching for God’s way for their lives.