Making a Difference

We want to be good neighbors and trusted friends to those in need in our community. We don’t just want to make a difference, but we want to be the differences in the lives of others. You see, we believe Jesus teaches us that religion that is inactive and uninvolved in helping others is empty and selfish. When people become part of the congregation they are taught their highest calling is not in “being served,” but in serving others. We believe a servant’s life is the most meaningful life to live. There are a number of ways we are endeavoring to make a difference by serving our surrounding community.

Coeur d’Alene Christian School
CCS is a private school designed around Christians principles and values providing excellence in academic training for children K thru 8th grade. Small class sizes and a highly motivated caring faculty help children to learn and grow in an optimal learning environment. The school meets in the Dalton Gardens church building and welcomes all children from the community who seek a quality education. Call 772-7118 for more info or visit

Divorce Recovery
Kootenai County has an unusually high divorce rate and we know divorce can be one of the most shattering experiences in life for adults and children. We are here to help with several Divorce Recovery Workshops throughout the year. A dedicated group of Christians, many of whom have faced divorce themselves provide non-threatening sessions that allow individuals to work through the anger, disappointment and hurt of divorce. There are also special programs for the children of divorce. Call 772-0541 for more information.

Marriage Support
Sometimes with the proper support and counsel marriages in trouble can get better and avoid divorce. Our Marriage Support Ministry encourages couples to come together and discuss their challenges and the different possibilities for helping their marriages. It is often good to know you are not alone and there are many others trying to help their marriage to grow stronger also. Many spouses find themselves in marriages where they desperately want to improve their marriage, but their spouse does not share their concerns or desires for things to change. That can be especially frustrating, but even a person in a marriage of “uneven commitment” to improving that marriage can find great benefit in our Marriage Support Ministry. Call 772-0541 for more info.

Bible-based Counseling
We provide Biblically-oriented spiritual advice from ministers especially trained to provide such counsel on basic life issues relating to marriage, family, parenting, personal happiness, grief, stress management and more. We call it our Care Ministry. The cost for this service is provided at a greatly reduced rate. Generally the fee is $50 per session, which is about half what counseling agencies tend to charge in our community. And even lower rates can be worked out based upon financial need. If you would like counsel that is based upon Biblical principles in a Christian environment then call for an appointment (772-0541).

Under-Privileged Children
We want to help children from lower income families in our community to afford school supplies and school clothes. Each summer we will have special opportunities to help under-privileged children get ready for another school year. If you want to provide resources or have questions please call us (772-0541).

Community Benevolence
We provide food and necessities to individuals and families in our community. It is unfortunate that some try to take advantage of such generosity, so we tend to focus on developing long term relationships with those in need, getting to know their personal situations and helping them with many aspects of their lives that may include food, clothing, housing, employment and more. If you want to know how you can be involved in giving hope to the hurting just call us 772-0541.

This is just a sampling of our commitment to making a difference in our community. Want to help? We know how to involve you… and trust us, involvement in serving others is a great way to live!