Commonly Asked Questions

As a guest will I be required to do anything that calls attention to myself, like wear a special badge, stand up or do something else that lets people know I am visiting?

Nope. You can be as invisible as you want. Feel free to just come and observe if you want. You can even kick the tires on the church van and look into the closets if you want. If you want to ask questions, then ask away and if you don’t… that’s fine too. Just be our guest and how much you participate in things is up to you.

Where do I park if I want to visit?

Feel free to park anywhere you want. However there is “guest parking” toward the front of the parking lot that is meant to make your visit as easy as possible.

Is there child care available during the worship meetings?

Yes, We have a staffed nursery that infants and their parents may use. During the course of the worship meeting there will come a time when pre-schoolers are invited to attend “Wee Worship” and younger elementary children are invited to participate in the “Bible Hour.” These activities are more than ‘babysitting services.” Children attending these activities will receive instruction about the Bible geared to their age level.

What kind of things do you offer for children and teens?

We specialize in encouraging families. We have just added a Children’s Minister to our staff who will focus on providing a creative and experiential learning environment. And we have just added a Youth Minister to help teens know the Lord, grow in service to him and discover the excitement in living for Jesus. We can’t and shouldn’t take the place of mom and dad, but we can support and assist you in raising kids that love Jesus.

What if I want Christian counseling?

We provide spiritual counsel by trained ministers in personal and relational problems. There is a nominal charge for these counseling sessions, but the cost is about half what you might expect to pay others and some scholarships are available for those in financial stress. Most importantly the counsel you will receive will not only be practical but Biblically based. To set up an appointment call 772-0541.

What if I have a question about why you do what you do?

Questions are always welcome. Most of the time we do what we do because of a Biblical command or principle we are endeavoring to live by…But we are never bothered by someone who wants an explanation. You may wish to just email our Senior Minister with any questions:

How can I become a member of the Dalton Gardens church family?

It is really quite simple. Any person who has given their life to Jesus and been immersed into Christ can become a member of our family. You just have to make your desire known to the leaders of the congregation that you want to serve the Lord thru this church family. We believe the Bible teaches every Christian is given gifts to be used in ministry and service. We will help to know your gifts and give you many opportunities to know the blessings of serving a cause greater than yourself…The cause of Christ. If you need any assistance in understanding what the Bible says about becoming a Christian or being added to the church, just let us know and we will be happy to sit with you and examine the scriptures together.