Bulletin: April 17, 2022


Today’s Worship Outline…

We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
To God Be the Glory (v 1,3)
Holy Ground
Video: “Sounds of the Cross”
I Stand in Awe
Christ, The Lord is Risen Today
Low in the Grave (offering baskets)
Come, Share the Lord
In Christ Alone (vs 1 and 3)
Our God, He is Alive
Video: “Our Risen Savior”
“The Resurrection Rebukes Normal”
Amazing Grace (vs 1 and 4)
Victory in Jesus

Family News…

Welcome guests… We are blessed with many guests today. We hope each one is enjoying worshipping with their friends and neighbors as we think together about the risen Christ. But, even if you know no one else here this morning, please understand how important it is to us to make you feel welcome. We have a free book we would like to mail to all our guests by Max Lucado. It is a very up-lifting group of readings on the cross and the empty tomb you will enjoy. Please always feel welcome to be our guests again. If there is a way we might serve a need you have, or if you have a question, just let us know. And may God bless you.

Thanks to all who helped with the special activities of today… All those who helped with the Sunrise Service, the Big Breakfast, the coffee bar, the Bible classes, the worship, and the long list of other special tasks requiring extra effort today; thank you for your effort to bless others today. And may God bless you.

Family Promise is a ministry blessing homeless families trying to “get back on their feet” in our area… There will be a couple of families using our building this week and there are a number of needs to help feed and support them this week. There are a few more jobs we need volunteers to do. Thanks to all those who have already volunteered to bless these families. And may God bless you.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 14… We have worked with the city to prepare a plan for a newly landscaped front yard along Hanley Street. You will soon see Jim Klein and others out scraping what currently passes for grass and even taking out a little black top to prepare our front yard for what is to come. But we need a group of volunteers to bring their rakes and shovels on May 14th to spread stone and new top-soil before the front yard can be planted. Through the efforts of our volunteers we plan to develop a front yard that will bless our community and say something positive about our church family. A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be up next Sunday. And may God bless all who will give their effort to this.

Remember our pantry is always in need to more food items… We bless more in our community than you may know. Thanks for your help in making this possible. God bless you.

DG Youth News…

Sunday Bible Study 9am Youth Barn, “Finding God in the Land of Narnia.”

Wednesday Bible Class: “Leaning to be more than just a Fan of Jesus.”  –Completely committed follower.

Next Sunday, April 24th: Ignite Fellowship: Right after church meeting! Around high noon, we will go to Broadmore Park! Jen and Arrty Rude are providing breakout box lunches for us! We will have lunch and play some volleyball!

• Saturday, April 30: Park Day
• Saturday, May 7: Tubbs Hill Hike
• Sunday, May 22: Ignite: Klein’s


The Family Promise Golf Tournament is coming! The men’s ministry is coordinating a team for this event. Please come out and join us Saturday, June 25 starting an noon. You do not have to be a great golfer just willing to have fun. For more information or to sign up contact Mike Wood 208-661-2776

Children’s Helping Children… The study questions for the children are on the Welcome Desk and on the cabinet in the upper lobby. Let’s bless our children and allow them to bless us.

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