Prayer Requests from April 10, 2022

Prayer Requests from April 10, 2022

 “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27


Elaine Beck: Please pray that my new hearing aids will work right!

Misty Stemmene: Thank you all for your prayers for Ryan McGuire. His hip surgery was a success, and he is healing very well.

Georgette Rude: Please pray for Sage Larson as she is having difficulty in her last month of pregnancy.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Pray for AJ Stemmene. He is having trouble with his head pain. Prayers for Glenn as he has a carcinoma removed from his arm on Thursday. Also, pain relief for Larry & Sylvia Slate. Cody, AJ’s grandson, broke his foot, please pray for his recovery.

Brittany Muriithi: Please pray for my husband, George, he will be traveling to Kenya tomorrow for a funeral of a close relative. He has experienced great loss and many other obstacles lately.

Marci Nelson: Ian has started a new work schedule, so he is no longer working on Sundays. This means that I will not have Maverick and Ruby on a regular basis anymore. Please pray for God to send someone into all our children’s lives to cultivate the seeds that have been planted.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Prayers for Treva and family as she deals with cancer.

Wanda Wilson: Please continue to pray for Christy King for her upcoming surgery.

Kathy Roberts: Please pray for both of my daughters.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please continue to pray for Annette Nice. She seems to be improving some. Praise God!

Les & Nancy Biby: Love and prayers for Christy King.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Continued prayers for Dan’s sister’s husband, Lyle. Pray for Hilda Stoll, Carmen’s sister, Treva, Carole Fredrikson, and Sandy Priddy. Pray for the Ukraine.

Larry & Jean Grow: Thanks for all the prayers for our family.

Brad & Marie Clarke: Please pray for a job opportunity for Brad. One that will allow him to be able to stay home.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Thank you again for prayers on behalf of our friend’s missing husband. Prayers were answered. Please add friend Steve A. who has had 5 melanoma surgeries in the last 3 years and is having to decide on future treatments. He and his wife, Lisa need our prayers. Also, pray for Bobbie Webber. He is still struggling with pain.

Jen Rude: Please pray for me as I finish the school year with my 21 little ones. Especially that I will continue to plant seeds of kindness and love.

Tim & Angie Storms: Please pray for our friend’s Krystal & Royce. Royce is on dialysis and needs a kidney transplant. He also has heart issues. Also, please pray for Cor who lives in the Netherlands. He does not believe in God.

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Thank you for your prayers for our friend, Randy Jolliffe; he is making significant improvement. Praise God.

Claudia Moberg: Thank you for all of your prayers. blessings, hugs, love and for answered prayers for all of you.

Terry & Cindy Skinner: My mother, Marilyn Skinner has a bad cold, which can be dangerous for her because of other medical challenges she has. Asking for prayers.

Brad Roberts: Prayers for my cousin, Jim in Portland. He has cancer that has now gone to his bones. A special prayer for healing.

Betty Rude: Please keep Mary Petersen in your prayers. She is having knee replacement surgery on April 12. I will be coming home soon. Pray for safe travels.

Sloan Walker: Praise God the twin girls who were missing, have been found safe.

Marci Nelson: For the past ten years, I have been dealing with watching my children drift away from the spiritual upbringing that they received. I know that I am not alone in this, but I guess as a younger parent… you don’t think it can to your children! Many of you have watched me grieve over this and have understood and encouraged me. Thank you for that. I have been shifting my prayers for God to fill me with the Spirit to be a good example and an encouragement to others. I also pray for God to send someone to my children to cultivate those seeds that were planted in their youth. I also pray for ‘your’ children in this way. Let us make a priority to pray for our children of all ages. Let us also pray for those that might help them to seek out God’s will.

Dale Herboldt: The preceding comments are from Marci Nelson to the church this past Sunday. Her thoughts touch every single one of us in a real and serious way! Please prayerfully think about our children, grandchildren and their future in our daily prayers.


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