Prayer Requests from April 3, 2022

Prayer Requests from April 3, 2022

 Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. Psalm 55:22

Bob & Carolyn Fish: Please pray for 15-year-old, Zane just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

 Dan & Teri Dupey: Please pray for Lyle & Marilyn Newell, Steve & Delores Peterson, and Larry & Theresa Millar for health and strength for spouses and caregivers.

Terry & Cindy Skinner: Please pray for the growth of our life groups.

Wanda Wilson: Please keep my daughter, Christy in your prayers for her upcoming surgery, April 27.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Annette Nice had her second liver transplant. She is having some complications. Prayers they can figure out what is going on.

Scott Rouse: Please pray for the church in Centralia, WA. This is where our friends Andy & Darcy Ponder attend. Pray for growth and God’s will to prevail.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Prayers for Treva and her family as they deal with her cancer diagnosis.

Linda & David Bruner: Please pray for Suzy Allen. She has been going through a very hard time and would appreciate prayers that God will take control. Please pray for our safe travel to Wisconsin and back. We leave Tuesday.

Freda Campbell: My son, Kevin, will be having partial knee surgery on May 12. Also pray for Kevin and Kelsey as they prepare to be married.

Steve & Hilda Stoll: Please pray for Hilda’s insomnia.

Brad Roberts: Please continue to keep my friend, Gary Adcock in prayer. He has reported that he is feeling less pain.

Misty Stemmene: Please pray for Ryan. He is having hip replacement surgery this Thursday. Pray for my grandpa, his surgery is Wednesday. Prayers for my Auntie Anne. She broke her hip and had to have surgery. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Also, pray that Cody’s foot heals the right way and that he doesn’t have any problems with it.

Kudashe Lufiyele: Please pray for the Ukrainians.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please pray for Ryan McGuire. He is having surgery Thursday morning. Pray for Misty Stemmene as she supports him. Trust in God – Always.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for Jared Skinner, Nancy Gowen, Steve’s daughter, Betty Williams, Treva Vogl, and Hilda Stoll. Pray for all our sick & hurting, and those who have lost loved ones. Pray for my Aunt Anna. She broke her hip terribly. Pray for Ryan’s hip surgery and my father-in-law’s procedure. Pray for Cody’s foot to heal.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for Becky Essary as she is struggling with hip pain and for her and Richard as they begin their journey back to Coeur d’Alene, starting April 15.

Aaron Lewis: Pray for Rylee. She is sick with pneumonia.

Paul & Katrina Swaim: Please pray for improved health for our neighbor Jim, who suffers with COPD. Pray also for housing costs to go down for renters.

Brad & Marie Clarke: Pray for a friend of ours, nephew, Lewis, only two weeks old and is in the NICU. He has heart, pulmonary, and eating issues. Please pray for baby Lewis, the family and the medical staff.

Bonnie Boulton: Pray for Violet, my sister who lives in Denver.

Rod Bristol: Ask God to heal Jean (in Florida) from horrific cruelties. May God bless her with safety and peace.

Sandra Welch: Please continue to pray for Ukraine for the UK to accept them as their own and help them. Also, for all those here that are sick and grieving.

From the Garden of Prayer: My name is Theresa. Please keep my son Isaac in prayer. He is currently fighting for his life. He knows the Lord, so please pray over him, fill him with peace, and understanding. God bless you.


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