Prayer Requests from March 13, 2022

Prayer Requests from March 13, 2022

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  Psalm 16:8

Judie Sanborn: Please pray for Betty Williams. She has sudden onset congestive heart failure. Only 25% of her heart is working. She has asked for prayers from her church family.

Bob & Carolyn Fish: Prayers for Chris Fillios, county commissioner, to get a favorable report on his biopsy.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Continue to pray for Ukraine, Poland and all the people involved in the conflict.

Dale Herboldt: Diane is much better and traveling this weekend. Thank you for your prayers.

Steve & Hilda Stoll: Please pray for Hilda and her health.

David & Linda Bruner: Continue to pray for Linda’s aunt Barbara Crowell as she struggles with leukemia. Pray for Linda’s friend, Debbie as she begins treatment.

Jim & Janelle Burton: Thank you God, we have been abundantly blessed!

Howard & Delvona Rude: Prayers for the Ukrainian people and for peace.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for the Ukrainians. Pray for Hilda for peace and relief. Pray for folks with stressful lives, those that are in the hospital, and our shut-ins. God bless them all.

Misty Stemmene: We heard from the hip doctor and Ryan goes in on April 7th and gets his hip done. God bless everyone.

Suzy Allen: Please pray for Ukraine and Russia.

Mike & Cindy Wood: Mike’s uncle Henry was life flighted to Seattle two weeks ago with third degree burns on 30% of his body. Please pray for his healing.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Remember to pray for Betty Williams. Prayer for Ukraine. Praising God for answering prayers on behalf of Betty Rude. Prayers for Larry. His doctor’s appointment is on March 17.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please continue to pray for Annette Nice. She received another liver and has had a couple of hiccups but opened her eyes yesterday. She has a long recovery.

Jo Allen: Please pray for my “older” sister, Joyce Crawford. She had cancer that has affected her brain. She is staying with my other sister in Arizona. Please pray for her recovery.

Brad Roberts: Sharon Payne would like to thank all of you for your prayers on behalf of her daughter, Sarah. Sarah is doing better. I ask for your prayers as many of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Eugene, OR area work to help bring Sharon to Christ. Please pray that our Father would soften Sharon’s heart as we attempt to lead her to Jesus the Christ.

Keith Fredrikson: Please pray for Carole’s upcoming foot surgery. Pray for the people of Ukraine and our nation Prayers for Betty Williams in the hospital.

Aaron Lewis: Pray for my sister, Amber. She struggles with addiction and depression.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Prayers for Betty William’s healing and comfort. So thankful my brother Rick got results on all biopsies done came back cancer free.

Terry & Cindy Skinner: Please pray for a safe trip for our daughter and family; Audra, Duane, Briseis and Aleric. They are on a long trip to Nebraska and Texas over the next few weeks.

Michael Martens: Pray for Ukraine.

Claudia Moberg: Please pray for Northside church member, James Plumlee. He had a stroke.


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