Bulletin: February 27, 2022


Today’s Worship Outline…

Lord, Reign In Me
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
I’m Happy Today
Children Helping Children
Family News
Create in Me
Open the Eyes of My Heart
My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less (offering)
Be Still and Know
Lord’s Supper
Servant Song
Shepherd’s Comment and Prayer
Soldiers of Christ, Arise (vs.1,4,5) (dismiss children)
Video: Too Comfortable
Sermon: Everyone Needs Someone
Poured Out Like Wine
Prayer of Blessing
Everlasting God

Family News…

Next Sunday’s Adult Bible class, Dale Herboldt will be teaching… Here’s how Dale describes his class: “How could the son of God die on the planet earth? How is it possible that the Messiah of Promise would face defeat? Nature itself rejected the idea; as the ground shook and the rocks cracked open even the sky went black! The gospel writers devote nearly a third of their books to the last week of Jesus’ life. They saw his death as an unexpected mystery, as a result… a detailed account of the events leading to his death are forever preserved for us! Come join our study of the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, beginning March 6th.” Class, 9am.

Join us for a fun event… Yee-Haw Hootenanny Hoedown. Sunday, March 13th, 2:00pm, Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace and tickets are $15.  Alyson Klein writes: “I am getting a group together to go to the to see the show, This is a family event, and everyone is welcome! We will grab a quick bite after church then meet up in Wallace around 1:45 by the theater (P-s-s-t, bonus points if you ‘cowboy-up’ and dress in western attire.) Please let me know by March 1 how many tickets you want and I will purchase them all at once, and you can pay me back at the show or VENMO me. You can email me at alysonklein@gmail.com to RSVP or text me at: 405-401-6596.”

Remember our food pantry… We are running short of numerous food items we distribute to those in need. We need: bread, soup, crackers, Nutella, Velveeta, Hamburger Helper, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jelly, peaches, pineapple, toothpaste, tooth brushes, paper towels, shampoo, and body wash. We are expanding our pantry to included toiletries, diapers, paper products, and coats (all sizes), and of course food. Let’s support this wonderful ministry that blesses so many in our community.

Updated BLESS Booklets will be distributed today… Make sure you get your copy!

Friday, March 11th:  Family Bowling  @ Sunset Bowl 6-8
Friday, March 18th: Ignite Fellowship TBD
Friday, March 25th-27th: Great Falls, Montana, Youth Rally, “It’s a Jungle Out There.”
Friday, April 1st: Youth Group Hot Dog Roast, TBD.
Saturday. April 16th: TRIPLE PLAY Guest Night

DGYM News…

Skate Night
Do you Like to Roller Skate?
Then come roll on by for some skating fun!
@ Skate Plaza
March 4th 6-8 p.m.!

Children’s Helping Children… The study questions for the children are on the Welcome Desk and on the cabinet in the upper lobby. Let’s bless our children and allow them to bless us.

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