Bulletin: January 23, 2022


Today’s Worship Outline…

Let Us Worship
Listen to Our Hearts
Open the Eyes of My Heart
Jesus Loves Me!
Children Helping Children
Family News
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
Firm Foundation (offering)
Father God
A Common Love
Amazing Grace/Chains are Gone
Video: The Skinny on Prayer
Message: God is Full of Second Chances
Higher Ground (vs 1 and 4)
Lord, Reign in Me

Family News…

IT’S CHILI TIME…  Remember to sign-up for our annual chili cook off. February 6th right after worship. Get your best chili recipe ready and join us for the annual Chili tasting.

Gwen Hauck’s 90th Birthday Celebration…. Open House Saturday, Feb 5 from 2pm-4pm in the Small Auditorium. All are welcome! Come by to enjoy cake, coffee, and wish Gwen a Happy Birthday!

Sunday morning Bible class… Dan Dupey is teaching on Hebrews – Faith and Finishing the Race. Be a part of this hands-on class.

Frozen Fellowship… Thank you to all who have participated in our new frozen fellowship! We now have a fully stocked freezer and it is time to bless others with some home cooked meals. Call the office or ask our leadership or Marie Clarke. This is for anyone in the congregation who would like to bless a neighbor or church member. (Please remember to date your meals)

Sharing Hearts… Join us for fellowship, prayer and snacks. The next meeting is February 26 in the Library.

Remember our food pantry… We need: bread, soup, crackers Nutella, Velveeta, Hamburger Helper, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, salad dressing, jelly, peaches, pineapple, toothpaste, tooth brushes, paper towels, shampoo and body wash.

Laurie Noble… We attend the Roseville Church of Christ in MI. My son, Andy is ventilator dependent, has cerebral palsy, and is delayed. He was never supposed to celebrate his first birthday, so his birthday’s are very important to him. I’m contacting several congregations around the country hoping that some of my brothers and sisters will be willing to send Andy a birthday card. His birthday is January 31. Thank you all. Ask in the church office for his address.

DG Youth Group…

Upcoming Events
February 13th
Super Bowl Party

New Teen Class starts today!
1 Corinthians
Sundays @ 9am

Children Helping Children
The study questions for the children are on the Welcome Desk and on the cabinet in the upper lobby. Let’s bless our children and allow them to bless us.

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