Bulletin: January 16, 2022


Today’s Worship Outline…

Sing and Be Happy
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
This Little Light of Mine
Children Helping Children
All to Us
Family News
Step by Step
You Are the Song That I Sing (pass offering)
They’ll Know We are Christians by Our Love
Humble Yourself
Poured Out Like Wine (dismiss children)
Video: Strangers
Message: Say ‘No’ and We’re Going Down
Shine Jesus Shine
Prayer of Blessing
Said I Wasn’t

Family News…

IT’S CHILI TIME…  Get your chili sampling cups ready… Our annual chili cook off is set for February 6th, after worship. Get your best chili recipe ready and join us for the  annual Chili tasting. There’s a prize for: the Hottest (but must still be edible), The Most Unusual (whatever that means), Best White Bean Chili, and Best Overall! And this year a new prize category: BEST CORNBREAD. We will also need condiments like onions (lots of onions), cheese, chips, and whatever else you think goes with chili. This will be our first meal fellowship together in well over a year, hope you can enjoy this one. There is also a sign up sheet in the lobby for bringing sides, toppings, and desserts.

Chili Judges Needed… The fellowship ministry is looking for judges for the chili contest. If you are not entering a pot of chili please see Keith Fredrikson or Jack Cutler to volunteer your taste buds and pick the winners!

MISSION TEAM important meeting… We have some important things to discuss so please join us immediately after our worship meeting today.

Children’s Helping Children… The study questions for the children are on the Welcome Desk and on the cabinet in the upper lobby. Let’s bless our children and allow them to bless us.

Please be part of our caring for one another… All of us can do something to encourage the rest of us. Look around today for those missing, and decide to make a phone call, mail a note…do something to let another member of our church family know they are appreciated.

Remember our food pantry… We always need paper towels, soup, bread, and cans of fruit (anything but fruit cocktail). Condiments, crackers, and feminine products.

DG Youth News…

Upcoming Events
¨ January 22nd Ignite Fellowship
¨ January 23rd 1 Cor. Class starts
¨ Super Bowl Party on February 13th

Ignite Fellowship
At Keith & Carole Fredrikson’s
We will have loaded baked potatoes, a devo, and games!

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