Bulletin: January 9, 2022


Today’s Worship Outline…

Here I Am to Worship
We Bow Down
Build Your Kingdom Here
Family News
Jesus Loves the Little Children
Children Helping Children
Blessed Assurance (v1,3)
Come Let Us Sing (offering baskets)
Hide Me Away, O Lord
My Eyes Are Dry
Lord, Take Control
Prince of Peace! Control My Will (vs 1, 3, 4)
Video: God’s Masterpiece
Message: Jonah, The Great God Who   Swallowed a Man
Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen (vs 1, 3)
Prayer of Blessing
Corporate Meeting

Church Family Update…

IT’S CHILI TIME…  Our annual chili cook off is set for February 6th, after worship. Get your best chili recipe ready and join us for the  annual Chili tasting. There’s a prize for: the Hottest (but must still be edible), The Most Unusual (whatever that means), Best White Bean Chili, and Best Overall! And this year a new prize category: BEST CORNBREAD. We will also need condiments like onions (lots of onions), cheese, chips, and whatever else you think goes with chili. This will be our first meal fellowship together in well over a year, hope you can enjoy this one.

MISSION TEAM important meeting… Next Sunday morning.

Remember our Corporate Meeting today immediately after our worship together… Please stay if you can.

So-In-Love… Our Tuesday morning ladies Bible study will be postponed until the weather improves. Watch your bulletin for updates.

Today marks the return of Children’s Helping Children… The study questions for the children are on the Welcome Desk and on the cabinet in the upper lobby. Let’s bless our children and allow them to bless us.

Remember our food pantry. People are still hungry… We could use more paper towels, cans of peaches, condiments, bread, jelly and most anything else you want to bring. You would probably be surprised by how many in our community we serve through our food pantry.

DG Youth Group…

1 Corinthians
Learning to be the Church
Upcoming Youth Sunday Bible Study

We need people willing to host the youth group in their home for an Ignite Fellowship. Please see Christian if you are willing to help or have questions.

Finishing Joe Next Sunday

It’s Movie Night… We will be watching SING2 as a group this Friday. Gather at 3:45pm at Youth Barn.

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