Prayer Requests from December 12, 2021

Prayer Requests from December 12, 2021

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Brad & Marie Clarke: Please pray for our great niece, Charlotte, she is 18 months old, and will be having hand surgery. Prayers for a church member in Georgia, Parker. He had a kidney transplant and his body is having trouble accepting it. Also, prayers for a longtime marine corps friend, Robert. He has complications from knee surgery and now has a bone infection.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Prayers for Georgette Rude, that her tests go well and she begins to have less PAIN. Pray for Brenda and family with the loss of her dad, Jim. Please pray for healing for my brother-in-law, Steve Petersen. Prayers for Teri to continue to get well. Thanksgivings for my brother Larry’s health, attitude, and spiritual growth.

Brad & Marie Clarke: Like many others this time of year, Brad and I are flying to Texas December 18-20. Travel prayers for everyone traveling this month.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Thank you for your prayers and cards, we appreciate you so much. Please pray for those who lost all in the tornados.

Keith Fredrikson: Pray for Mark Milburn’s upcoming cancer surgery.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please continue to keep Margie in prayer. She is having a very hard time. Bless Judy Lundy and the Harlan’s in the loss of Jim.

Marci Nelson: Please pray for the family of Lyle Sinclair, my husband’s uncle. He passed away from COVID.

Aaron Lewis: Pray for my sister, Amber. She is struggling.

Steven Adams: Please pray for my daughter, Leah.

Dave Hopkins: Thankful for DGchurch. I have upcoming blood tests to determine if a bone marrow biopsy is needed.  Please pray for all shut ins.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Larry Thomas, Carmen’s brother-in-law, is in the hospital with COVID, plus blood clots in his legs & lungs; plus, esophagus and stomach issues. Pray for healing.

Georgette Rude: Please pray for my mom, Corky. She has an upcoming heart surgery. She needs prayers for her overall health.

Larry & Sylvia Slate:  Prayers for Ray & Sylvia Rayburn.

Mike & Yvie Swaim: My daughter, Janis, needs lots of prayers. She has several lumps in her breasts and will have a biopsy on December 30.

Dale and Diane Herboldt: Prayers for the mission trip to Nicaragua to go as planned and be a blessing to all those involved.

Claudia Moberg: Thank you for your prayers for Larry Moberg. He is home from the hospital. He does have cancer, but it is treatable.

Chris and Brenda Harlan: We will be traveling to Alabama over Christmas, please pray for safe travel.

Harold & Trisha Schultz: Please pray for all who suffered loss in the tornados. Let them lean on God and feel His love and comfort.

Michael Lewis: Please pray for Bob & Irene Clark. Bob has completed one chemo treatment but has four to go. He is very tired and need our prayers for healing and strength.

Michael Lewis: Pray for Margie Waddell as she makes the transition from living in a house to moving into an assisted living facility. It’s not an easy transition. Please pray for our grand-daughter Clara as she works through a personal challenge. And please continue to pray for Brad Roberts as he works through some work-related challenges. Finally, continue to pray for the safety of our congregation as the Pandemic rolls on.

Mark and Janet Milburn: We have a surgery date! Mark’s surgery is scheduled for December 22nd. Thank you all for praying for this. God heard all of our prayers and answered. He is so good and has blessed us with such a wonderful congregation to be a part of. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. God’s blessings are so boundless.

Mark & Kim Borsheim: Please pray for our family and Mark’s dad. Mark’s mom Jean, my mother-in-law and Vanessa and Adam’s grandma, a beautiful Godly woman just passed away up in Canada. It has been another shock even though she had health issues. She will be greatly missed and a wonderful spiritual encourager who loved God deeply!

Ronda Deane: Please pray for my sister-in-law, Lisa. Her husband, Dave passed away. Also, prayers for my Aunt Sue. She is battling breast cancer.


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