Bulletin: October 31, 2021


Today’s Worship Outline…

Come Let Us Sing
Said I Wasn’t
Family News
I Have Found a Friend in Jesus (vs 1 and 3)
This World is Not My Home
Create in Me (offering basket)
Faith is the Victory (vs 1 and 3)
God is so Good
Lord’s Supper
I Stand Amazed (vs 1 and 3)
You Are the Song That I Sing
Video: With You I Feel Again
Message: “Today, I Choose Joy”
Jesus is All the World to Me (vs 1 and 3)
Shredding the Mortgage
Prayer of Blessing
Sing and Be Happy

Church Family Update…

Newby-ginnings is a non-profit organization helping Vets to make the transition from their military service back into civil life… We’ve helped this group on several occasions and they always speak highly of our generosity. We are going to try to help in two ways this holiday season: First, we will have a drive to collect bedding (see insert). Secondly, their organization will have dozens of vets who need just a little help with providing for their families around Christmas.  These vets make their requests, Newby-ginnings verifies their need, and then N-G provides their phone numbers so community volunteers may help them. For example, some might request some help in getting a turkey and putting together a holiday meal for their family. Perhaps another vet needs a little help buying presents for their children. All you have to do is call the number provided and talk to them about how you might best help. There is a sign-up sheet in the lower lobby where you may volunteer to be of Christmas Assistance for Vets.

Our Frozen Fellowship has become very popular very quickly… Meals are flying out to those in need almost as soon as our members prepare them. So, please, if you can, prepare a casserole or some homemade soup (use the containers on the table in the lower lobby) and follow the simple guidelines. And please know you are providing a great blessing.

You can be in the picture for our next mission trip to Nicaragua… Are you praying about going? It’s doubtful you will ever have a better opportunity to take a mission trip. It will only cost $500 for each person (due to paying off our building); but, we will need to know if you want to go by the first Sunday in December. That same Sunday we will also need a $50 nonrefundable deposit so we can start working with the airlines to get the best deal possible.

Missionary communication… Be sure to look in your church box this Sunday. There is an update from Jade Cheromiah (written by her). She is one of three Cheromiah daughters we have helped support in her missionary schooling with AIM (Adventure In Missions).

Please stay for a brief celebration as we shred our Mortgage this morning… There will games and candy. Some cake and pie for the adults. Let’s just take a few minutes to enjoy the moment of being a “debt-free church”!

DG Youth News…

Sunday Morning Class: Job: Understanding Suffering

Wed Night Class: Forensic Faith, Uncovering Jesus

Immediately after worship today — Trunk or Treat!

Upcoming Events
November 14–Ignite Fellowship
Nov. 27–Fellowship Singing Night
Dec. 10–White Elephant Gift Exchange

YOUTH GROUP — Every Friday, 6-8

Would you like to host the YOUTH GROUP some Sunday night? Just let us know.

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