Prayer Requests from September 5, 2021

Prayer Requests from September 5, 2021

The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.     

Psalm 147:11

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for Mike Altizer as he is struggling with COVID. Prayers for recovery for Mark Milburn after his surgery. Prayers for David Gutierrez to get over his pneumonia.

Myrtle McIntire: Pray that Ron gets to feeling better.

Betty Rude: Prayers for Georgette and her health and for our country. Also, for my friend, Margee in Arizona and her cancer and Margie W. with her water problems.

David & Linda Bruner: Please pray for Bob & Irene Clark. Bob is still suffering with allergies and Irene continues to decline with her cancer. She is becoming more forgetful.

Claudia Moberg: Please pray for Bob & Deb Boyd and Daniel & Ashley Moberg. They have COVID. Bob is in the hospital. Thank you and God bless you all.

Dale & Diane Herboldt: Please keep Les & Nancy Biby in prayer as they travel to Illinois to visit family and friends. Also, continue to pray for Mark & Janet Milburn.

Freda Campbell: Prayers for our students as they return to school.

Larry & Jean Grow: Prayers for our world dealing with the COVID virus and disasters. Pray for all of our members and continued prayers for our family.

Brad & Marie Clarke: Prayers for God’s will in a job search/change for Brad to enable him to be closer to home and less travel.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for all family members who suffer losses. Drivers slow down now that school has started again. Question to all – Are you still wearing your Courage wrist bracelet?

Dave & Nancy Gowen: Prayers for students returning to school for a successful year.

Rick & Shelia Bucher: Rick’s mom has passed away and his sister, Renda is very sick with COVID. She is bed ridden with no strength and desperately needs our prayers. Renda Story, PO box 174, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805. Please send prayers send cards. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Brad & Kathy Roberts: Please pray for my friends, Gary Adcock with debilitating Polyneuropathy, Bob Blackwell with pneumonia, and Willie New suffering with COVID.

Church office: Please pray for the family of Ernie Turner. He passed away Monday.

Steve & Hilda Stoll: Please pray for my friend’s daughter, Skylah. She has been very ill for weeks.

Ruby Rude: Prayers for the people who are victims of the hurricane and floods.

Terry Skinner: My Dad, T.V. Skinner passed away Thursday, September 2nd. Please pray for my Mom, Marilyn, who has been married to him for 68 years. She is very sad and needs God’s comfort on her.

Katrina Swaim: Please pray for the Lufiyele family. Amber has contracted COVID (and Daniel still has some residual symptoms from it as well.) Because of Amber’s Lyme disease, there is a possibility of more complications due to immune system issues. Please pray for healing, and for the girls to stay healthy. Thank you!


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