Bulletin: August 1, 2021


Our Worship…

Here I Am To Worship
All to Us
A New Anointing
Prayer of Gratitude for God’s Mercy
Love Lifted Me
Thank You, Lord (pass offering baskets)
Come, Share the Lord
Lord’s Supper
His Grace Reaches Me v.1 (during cup)
I Stand in Awe (standing, dismiss children)
Prayer for us to display God’s Mercy
Video: This We Pray
Message: Who God is:
“A Friend to Sinners”
Come Thou Fount v.1&3
Prayer of Blessing
I Have Found a Friend in Jesus

Church Family Update…

It’s great to be back this morning… A big thank you to all who filled in for me while I took those 16 days off to be with my children and grandchildren. I heard I was hardly missed and that just shows the quality of the teachers we are blessed to have within our church family. Blessings. (Michael)

We plan to again help the Mountain States Children’s Home with their food drive… This begins next Sunday and runs through September 12th. Be watching your email for a complete list of the food items they seek. As you always do, let’s again be generous in supporting this good ministry.

We are returning to passing the offering baskets and communion trays this morning… However, anyone who is uncomfortable with that, the sealed communion items and offering shoebox will remain in the center aisle for as long as necessary. The elders welcome any questions.

So in Love… Ladies Bible class will be meeting in the small auditorium coming this Tuesday, August 3.

Remember our Sunday morning Bible classes for children and adults…. Rod Bristol will be teaching today on The Crucifixion. Let’s be a part of this opportunity to learn from God’s word.

October 1st at 5pm thru October 3rd at 11am

Dalton Gardens Ladies Retreat will be held again at the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery in Haugan, MT.

Meals are  provided.  Bring a dessert or snack to share, bedding, toiletries, a Bible, clothes, and embroidery materials. If you come up just for Saturday, please arrive by 9am. The theme will be “The 5 Love Languages”. Kara Shelton will be leading singing.

Mini Teen Camp
Christian will be attending this event as a song leader for the camp. If you are interested, you can hitch a ride with him in the church van! This camp is from August 5-8 and for 9th grade to recent graduates. If you are interested in going please see Christian asap the cost is $50 and sign up sheet is in the lobby.

Our Bible Class for this month is: Understanding Jonah!
Please join the youth class as we “dive” into the life of Jonah and how we can learn from his experiences!
Sunday Morning Youth
9:00 a.m. 6-12 graders.

Look how Alis has grown…

Castillo Gonzales
We began supporting Alis in Nicaragua when she was just a small, frail child hoping to begin school someday soon. Now look at her. Even though the children’s Bible group meeting up front before worship has not met for over a year and thus a loss of the kids contribution; we have continued to pay the $39 a month to help with school expenses and make sure she eats a breakfast and lunch. If you want make a special contribution to help with this expense just contact Michael or an elder.

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