Encouragement from Christian Eggar

As I was preparing for my next topic for teen class. I was watching a scene from the movie, War Room. This movie is made by the same people who made Courageous and Fireproof. In the scene Miss Clara asks Elizabeth Jordan what her prayer life is like. Elizabeth responds with “I don’t know I wouldn’t say it’s hot or cold just in the middle.” Miss Clara then stands up to get themselves a cup of coffee. When she brings Elizabeth her cup, Elizabeth realizes that its lukewarm. So, she asks Miss Clara “Miss Clara, you like your coffee room temperature?” Clara responds by saying “Oh no mine is hot.” Then she goes on to explain that everyone likes there coffee a certain way. Some like it hot others like their coffee cold. No one, on the other hand, likes their coffee lukewarm, not even the Lord, is how she puts it.

This got me thinking. Have I been lukewarm in my prayer life? I think God is calling us to be hot or nothing. In scripture it warns us from being lukewarm. I don’t know about you, but I love my coffee hot but sometimes I like it cold. I think sometimes our prayer lives can be like coffee. Some days we are on fire for God and pray always. Other days we let things get in the way of our prayer lives. Jobs, TV, time, whatever it may be, it takes the place of conversations with God. We need to strive to be hot in our prayer lives with God. Focus on doing our best to be on fire for him. That doesn’t mean that we will always be a hot cup of coffee, so to speak. But it does mean that we at least try to warm up our coldness with conversation with God

I know I can always improve in my prayer life and so can you all! I pray every day for this congregation and am so thankful to be here! Let’s strengthen our prayer lives, not only with each other but with ourselves as well!

God Bless You,
Christian Eggar

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