A note of encouragement

Praise God! Praise God!

I believe our great God has responded to our prayers to break the back of the pandemic in our country and bless those making the vaccines and arranging ways to get these vaccines in the arms of every adult American who is willing to receive it. I was thrilled to hear the news yesterday about how every adult can be fully vaccinated by the end of May (there is still on-going research about how to best vaccinate children under the age of 14 and that should be determined soon). Do you know what all that means to me? My first thought is that sometime in May to early June we should be able to be more physically together as a church, and I am so pumped for that to happen soon.

James writes: “Every good gift comes from above (James 1:17).” While I appreciate living in a time of great technical and scientific achievement, while I understand scientific methods (and have been trained in them), I know every good gift that comes about managing and/or defeating this virus ultimately comes to us from God himself, more than any scientist.

Please, praise God for this good news about the pandemic. Pray it is a true breaking point in the pandemic. Please pray we will be patient in continuing to be careful in our behavior until we are mostly vaccinated. Please pray it will be easy for us to find a place to be vaccinated (remember this is a government operation so I assume there will be snafus and obstacles). Please pray God will continue to protect our congregation and help each one of us to prayerfully consider taking the vaccine. Finally, please pray we will be able to assemble together again as soon as possible.

God is good! I have no doubts He will bring about a good result soon.


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