Bulletin: February 28, 2021


Our Worship…

Come Let Us Sing
Get Right, Church
Family News
We Shall Assemble
Scripture Reading: John 17:20-21
We Will Glorify
Boundless Love
Lords Supper
A Common Love
Video: That We May Be One
Sermon: UNITY: God’s People Living God’s Way
Bind Us Together

Church Family Update…

We have had so many coats given to us lately… we would like to pause on the coat drive for a while until we figure out a better way to store them. This congregation is amazing. Whatever the need is this group responds. Thank you, and we will let you know when we are ready for the coat drive to continue.

And while you are in such a generous mood… (sounds like a preacher doesn’t it?) But seriously, if you want to help with something else, we are beginning to collect “family oriented” DVD’s. We are going to arrange for a small theater where movies can be watched by our Family Promise clients. Just drop off (in our grocery carts) any kind children’s cartoon kind of movie or some movie about a dog or horse (or cat if you have to), something children would enjoy.

We still have plenty of projects to do around the building… For those of you with a pick-up truck and some muscles or if you have has a friend in good shape, we have a lot of broken desks and furniture, that we just don’t have a need for anymore. We would like to find a new home for these in our local junk yard… or we would be thrilled if you can use it at your house… It just needs to go away from the church building right now.

If you have fewer muscles… We have a number of painting projects to do around the building. Just let us know when you can come and we will set everything up for you.

Finally, we are looking for a couple of dressers… for the bedrooms we are setting up for Family Promise. Just give us a call if you need help getting it to the building and we will send Christian…He has lots of muscles:)

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