Encouragement from Scott Rouse

This past Saturday was our food give away at Lakes middle school in Coeur d’ Alene. If I counted correctly there were 24 members of our church family that showed up to help with this effort. I was greatly encouraged by the turnout. I think we all should be encouraged by this because it demonstrates how we are being active in the community. It is so wonderful to see the way you all step up when there is a need of any kind. If you were not able to be there  something else will come up  to help with before very long.

One thing about Saturday’s activity that really touched me was seeing Jesse Harlan come out to help. Jesse and his family are among those sheltering at home. Jesse has some health issues that require him to be extra careful during this pandemic yet he was still willing and able to come help. I for one was very glad to see him. Thank you, Jesse and everyone else who is serving each other and the community in any way. Let’s all be excited about what we are doing as a church family!!


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