Bulletin: January 10, 2021


Our Worship…

Just A Little Talk with Jesus
Jesus, Hold My Hand
Family News
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Jesus, Name Above All Names
Scripture Reading: Acts 4:8-11; Philippians 2:8-10
Blessed Be Your Name
Lamb of God
Jesus Is Lord
Lord’s Supper
On Bended Knee
He is Able
Because He Lives (dismiss children)
Video: God is Doing a New Thing and   So Can You
Message: Be Still and Know
It is Well with My Soul
Said I Wasn’t

Church Family Update…

Please let us know if anyone has any need… This is one time when it is good to talk about each other. If you know of someone’s specific need or someone who feels particularly discouraged, please pass this along to the church office so we can help others to be a source of encouragement.

Kirk Davidson is teaching a new Bible Study today…teaching from the Book of Esther.

Our coat drive continues… We will be collecting coats throughout the winter. Especially be on the look out for big sales where coats are on clearance. As you run across bargains just drop them off at the building. Hats, gloves, and scarves are also welcome.

Have you noticed how bright our projections on the  screen have been lately? A big thank you to Mike Swaim, Steve Taylor, and others who worked on this project. Like a lot of technology, it becomes less expensive and yet of higher quality over time. However, it still takes a big time commitment to search for the best prices and the best way to install equipment, and make things all work together.

Family Promise… We want you to know that through some specially funding, we will pay for a family of six to stay in a motel until they graduate from the Family Promise program. God blesses us in many ways so we can bless others.

DG Church special food distribution effort… On Saturday, February 13 at 1pm we will pass out prepacked boxes of food to anyone in the community in need. They are only asked to come to a location (to be announced). We really need your help in gathering the food for these boxes.

We need your participation gathering food… The specific contents for the boxes, each will include: a jar of peanut butter, jar of jelly (not glass, if possible), 2-3 boxes of macaroni & cheese, 2 cans of chili, 2 cans of chicken, 2 cans tuna (larger size), and a box of granola bars (any flavor). We could use some boxes too!
Our next class for the teens starts this Sunday! We are going through the series, Love Out Loud by Doug Fields! Love is something we need to grasp today! From political divisions to racial divisions we need to show the Love of Christ Out Loud!! This class is aimed at looking at how we can share the love of Jesus to those who need it! I am excited for this class!

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