Bulletin: December 27, 2020


Our Worship…

Shine Jesus Shine
Create in Me
Come We That Love the Lord
Family News
Down in The River
Get Right Church
I Come to the Garden Alone
Lord’s Supper
I Want to Know Christ
Heaven Came Down
Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord
Message: In His Image Dale Herboldt
He is My Everything
In Christ Alone

Prayers & Thanksgivings

Ruby Rude: Prayers for Earl, Janet and Marvin Robb. They all have the COVID virus.

Whitney Frisk: I have Ramsey Hunt Syndrome and am currently having a flare-up (vertigo, face pain). I am on medicine so it is not so bad right now. Please pray it will go away soon.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for travelers. I will be in Emmitt for 10 days. All shut-ins, COVID patients and first responders.

Marsh Becker: Please pray for strength for Eileen Davidson. She lost her son to suicide.

Betty Jo Clark: I want to thank God for the property he found for us and working in our lives.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Keep John & Beth Cope in your prayers. John has had bronchitis for over a month. Thankful for a negative COVID test, but he is in a new job and trying to deal with this. Also, Luca’s mom is coming Tuesday. Pray she will not take Luca to Florida with her.

Cole Litalien: Please pray for my mother, Susan McHughes. She has been going through tough times lately and could use some support.

David Bruner: Pray for John Cope who has been suffering with bronchitis since Nov 5. The doctors have him on antibiotics and a steroid inhaler. He is improving. He has had two COVID tests which were negative. Also, continue to pray for Linda and her family.

Larry & Haydyn Priddy: Please continue to pray for Sandy Priddy. She is suffering from severe pain.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for those who work in the garden to receive Christ, especially David.

David & Angela Gutierrez: Thankful for all! Keep our community, families, and friends, safe and healthy. Merry Christmas church!

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Please pray for Reba Durbin, Carmen’s sister. Her boss and medical doctor died of COVID-19. Pray for her job situation and/or retirement.

From the Garden: Thank you for your prayers for my job situation. It has improved! Pray for my serious health situation and for my family. Thank you. Also pray for Linda and her family for health and healing.

Dan and Teri Dupey: Special prayers needed for Margie Waddell. She is really struggling with a cough  Also, Glenda is not doing well either. Prayers for her. Our friend, Greg Peterson, a deacon in the church there, in New Mexico, really needs prayers, as well. He is back in the hospital.

Dear church family,

As this very trying year draws to a close, it is the time to look forward to a brighter tomorrow, one day at a time, starting January 1. How do we get there? I have 2 Challenges for each of us. No, it’s not frivolous like the Ice Bucket or Polar Plunge Challenges but a Challenge that can bring us closer to God and each other thru His Word.

It’s  the “Read Through the New Testament in 90 days Challenge”!  WILL YOU ACCEPT IT?  That’s only 2 to 4 chapters a day. Challenge your family, friends and neighbors. We can all do this together. 

Also Challenge #2 is for each of us to find a reason to be grateful and thankful to God for something each day.

Thank You for all your e-mails, cards, phone calls, etc. and especially your prayers. God has truly blessed us so much this year and we are grateful and thankful for you as well. We miss you and keep you in our prayers. Remember we are the Family of God and He is so Good! Hugs to all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe, sane and healthy!

Prayers and Hugs,
Jean and Larry Grow

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His Purpose.”

Romans 8:28

Congregational Meeting
January 3, 2020

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