Questions for this Sunday’s Class

Dear Church Family,

Last week we sent out the reading for Sunday’s lesson and some of the discussion questions. I hope you found this helpful. We have two more lessons from Ruth and we will share the scripture verses for reading and questions for each.

Thank you for watching the live stream and joining our class.


Read Ruth 3:1-15


  1. Have you ever risked your good reputation for a person or cause? Explain
  2. What did Naomi encourage Ruth to do?
  3. What risk was Ruth taking by going to Boaz?
  4. How did Boaz react when he discovered Ruth at his feet?
  5. What does Boaz’s reaction reveal about his character?
  6. In what ways did Boaz take a risk?
  7. What can we learn from Ruth’s willingness to follow Naomi’s plan?
  8. What are some of the costs of obeying God today?
  9. What personal sacrifices have you made to obey God?
  10. What blessings have you enjoyed because of your obedience?
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