Bible Class Questions for Sunday

I thought we would try something new to go along with live streaming Bible Class. To help those of you at home to possibly get more out of class and prepare yourself before Sunday’s live stream:

Read Ruth 2:3-17
Read and answer the discussion questions below:

  1. Think of a time when someone was especially kind to you. How did that person’s kindness affect your relationship?
  2. Describe the qualities of Boaz.  What type of person was he?
  3. What does the servant’s response to Boaz reveal about Ruth?
  4. Why did Boaz admire Ruth?
  5. In what ways did Boaz show kindness to Ruth?
  6. What dangers were present for young women working in the fields?
  7. What character attributes did Ruth exhibit?
  8. How did Ruth experience God’s faithfulness?
  9. What kinds of work in today’s society parallel the work of gleaning?
  10. Why was kindness important in developing Christian Character?

I hope this will help you all to feel more connected to our Bible Class.  Obviously, there will be more questions during class time based on the discussion with those attending. Start with this list and let us know if this helps with those watching the live stream and we will do the same for the following week.

Looking forward to everyone joining us this Sunday!


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