An Encouraging Note from David Bruner

This past week I felt very encouraged from Michael’s lesson when he asked, ‘what are we thankful for?’ And then he read all those cards of what people are thankful for. The blessings that we have. It reminds me of the song we sing, ‘Count Your Blessings’, name them one by one….

This past month while I was away I was so thankful for the blessing of Live Streaming. This helped me to feel more connected and involved with our church family here although I was thousands of miles away. Yes, we had issues, but the men involved persisted and now it’s working. I guess you can say that one blessing in 2020, or even from COVID, is that we now have Live Streaming.

I pray that when you count your blessings you will also look to others. How can you bless someone else and encourage them?


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