Prayer Requests Needed

Dear church family,

Hope you experienced a fine time of thanksgiving last week. For many of us, I am sure it was a different Thanksgiving than in past years; but nonetheless, no matter who was able to be around your table, it is always good to give thanks to God for His enumerable blessings. In fact, it should NOT be confined to a day, but it should a lifestyle we practice every week.

I am thankful for you. I pray for all those sheltering at home during this pandemic each week. May God bless you. May God keep you safe. May God help us as we effort to remain joined together as a church family.

Staying connected with others within the Dalton Gardens church family is vital. One way to do this is to email or call the church office with any prayer requests that may be on your heart. Please know it also helps if you can share a need you or someone else has to address. Also, it helps to share any thanksgiving you want others to be encouraged by knowing.

Please help us to be a blessing, share a blessing, or give us an opportunity to be blessed by loving one another is Christ’s family during this unusual time.  May God bless us all. May your hope never waiver. There will be better days ahead and I just know God wants to guide us through this weird time in a way where He is honored and we grow in appreciation for one another. But it will require some effort on all our parts to come thru this time together.

In His service,


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