Dear church family,

And now for your edification, a few things I am not thankful for…

  1. Ferris wheels,
  2. Mold,
  3. Cockroaches,
  4. My cousin’s Christmas fruitcake I receive by mail in late February,
  5. Walking into spider webs,
  6. Scissors that come in a package that needs scissors to open,
  7. Cell phone contracts,
  8. Public restrooms,
  9. Sinus drainage,
  10. That grinding sounds coming from under my hood,
  11. The increased darkness of winter,
  12. Children abused by those who are supposed to love them most,
  13. A pandemic,
  14. Missing loved ones,
  15. Broken hearts I cannot mend,
  16. The lonely I cannot reach,
  17. The bitter I cannot change,
  18. The hungry I cannot feed,
  19. The fearful of their next medical test results for whom I cannot provide peace,
  20. Those in great pain I cannot bring relief,
  21. Feeling guilty in a time of thanksgiving.

But then,

  1. I smell the butternut squash baking with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, brown sugar, and apples in the kitchen…and I know it is Thanksgiving,
  2. The face-time calls from my children and grandchildren full of laughter I receive,
  3. I am blessed with a wife who loves me deeply,
  4. I cannot count all the blessings God bestows upon my life even though I try to count them,
  5. When my anxiety soars amazingly God’s comfort does also,
  6. When I am wounded and hurt there always is someone near who lifts me up,
  7. The wonder of God’s provision, always somehow allowing me the resources to give more,
  8. The promise of God’s presence,
  9. The grace, forgiveness, and assurance Christ Jesus provide me,
  10. The certitude I am on my way to heaven,
  11. The assurance God’s joy does not depend on my circumstances,
  12. The treasure of friends who always make me smile,
  13.  The elation that God’s blessings are new every morning,

These things and more I give thanksgiving… Oh, and you always make my list too.

“Come into his city with songs of thanksgiving and into his courtyards with songs of praise. Thank him and praise his name. The Lord is good. His love is forever…”               (Ps 100:4-5. NCV).

Happy Thanksgiving Dalton Gardens church family. Enjoy our Thanksgiving gathering this next Sunday.

Love you,


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