Prayers Needed

Dear church family,

Thanks to Steve Taylor, Mike Swaim, Jack Cutler, Isaac Cutler, and Christian Eggar. By the time Bible Class ended we had a quality picture and good sound with our Live Stream. Long may it continue. 🙂

I encourage all sheltering at home to tune in each Sunday or soon thereafter. Our Live Stream is available on the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ Facebook site or on our church web page at

And more importantly, since this is a shortened week in the church office due to the holiday, we really need your prayer requests and blessings emailed or phoned into the church office (email or call 208-772-0541) as soon as possible.

I think the Sunday attending in person part of our church family made two prayer requests… that is hard to fathom in this time of pandemic. Surely, we can think of more people in need of our prayers. Prayer does make a difference and an impact of with challenges we face.

Please contact us with your prayer requests or blessings that should be shared today.



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