Prayer Requests: November 22, 2020

Brad & Kathy Roberts: My friend, Doreen asked if we could pray for her very ill friend. We don’t know all the details but God certainly does. Thank you.

Anne Moore: Thank you for all the prayers for healing as I go through the long haul of COVID-19 healing. It is very slow. Please continue to pray for me. This congregation is amazing!

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for the Rude family. Pray for Jeffery as he is still deployed. Pray for all our military. Pray for our country we need it now more than ever.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Pray for this serious virus to end. Pray for my sister Marilyn, who has COVID-19. Pray for Rachel Morgan, our son, James’ surgery, Irene Clark, Bob Brown, and Carole Fredrikson.

Christian Eggar: Prayers for our church family for health and safety! Thank you! I am so encouraged by you all.

Jack & Tabby Cutler: Tabby’s friend, Robyn has COVID-19 and has autoimmune complications. She’s been in the hospital for a week. Please pray for her and her family.

Sandra Welch: Prayers for our nation’s freedom, good will and peace for humanity. Prayers for Betty Rude and all of our church family that is traveling. Continued prayers for my foot to heal completely and for the depression that I am struggling with.

Whitney Frisk: A minister in the Tulsa area is battling COVID. Please pray for Mitch Wilburn.

AJ Stemmene: Please pray for those that need shelter and are out of work, our veterans, and our country! Also prayers for Glenn Sanborn, he is under the weather.

Ernie Turner: Please pray for Les & Nancy Biby. Like so many that are staying home to avoid this virus we all are dealing with.

Katrina Swaim: Prayers for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving for everyone! Pray for our children that are having to adjust to doing school at home and not being able to be a part of normal school activities and events because of COVID.

Margie Waddell: Please pray for my health. I am on the second round of antibiotics for pneumonia. Please pray for my mouse infestation have tried everything to get rid of this very smart mouse.

Ronda Deane: Thank you, Anne Moore for the donation of cards to the card ministry! We appreciate you!

Judie Sanborn: Thanksgivings! Glenn does not have COVID19 and is recovering daily. Prayers for my dearest cousin, Kay. She has been in ICU with the virus and is slowly getting better. She still is in need of our prayers.

Jo Allen: Pray for my sister, Glenda Bonaiuto. She is undergoing radiation treatments daily. Prayers for all who are affected by the virus.

Craig & Debbie Hengge: Please pray for my niece’s father-in-law, Jerry Taylor in W. Virginia. He is in very serious condition in the ICU with COVID, Diabetes, and kidney failure. We are so thankful for the Dalton Gardens church live streaming!

Mike & Victoria Isenhart: Please pray for Mike. He had a mini-stroke and has tumor behind his eye. He waiting to see a specialist. Prayers for peace and patience. Prayers for everyone we miss our church family.

From the Garden: Our marriage needs prayer to be an example of commitment and love through hardships. Tony & Alaina.

Betty Rude: Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law. Bill’s mom passed away this week. I will be leaving Monday to go to Arizona for the winter. Pray for safe travels and health.

Robin & Bobby Webber: Please pray for the virus to be over and for life to be back to normal. We miss everyone and pray for you all.

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