An Encouraging Note from Our Youth Minister

God Uses Imperfect for the Perfect

As many of you might have guessed my favorite superhero of all time is Captain America. There is a scene in the movie where Red Skull is fighting Cap. In this scene, Red Skull asks Cap a question, he asks, “Tell me Captain, what makes you so special?” Cap responds by saying, “Nothing, I’m Just a kid from Brooklyn.”

(For those of you who don’t speak Captain America, the theme of his stories often has to do with how the ordinary can become extraordinary.)

Just like Cap we are imperfect people being used by a perfect God. God doesn’t call the qualified, HE qualifies the called. The world might judge us saying, “What makes you so special?” We can and should respond, “Nothing I’m just a tool (translation: an ordinary person) used by God for HIS kingdom!”

I want to encourage you to find ways to lift others! It’s a challenge by the intricacies of 2020; but the work of the church is never paused! We can reach others even in the midst of a pandemic. Even when we feel like we are not good enough; God reminds us, HE uses ordinary people for extraordinary things! It doesn’t mean it will be easy! Even, Cap fought and lost some battles, but with God we have a strength on our side that won’t leave us or fail us!

We are made in HIS image! Let’s show those around us God loves them and cares for them! I’m just an ordinary person…how about you? An ordinary person is just the kind person God seeks to use. You just have to make yourself available for HIS use.
God Bless,

Christian E.

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