Bulletin: November 8, 2020


Our Worship…

I’m Gonna View that Holy City (standing)
Get Right, Church (standing)
Have You Been to Jesus
He Gave Me a Song
Family News
Forever Reign (standing)
Bind Us Together
Scripture PS 51:10
Create In Me
God Is So Good
Here I Am to Worship
(standing, children dismissed)
Video: Mindset
Courage for Uncertain Times: “Being All In”
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Prayer of Blessing
Hide Me Away, O Lord

Church Family Update…

Last Sunday was our annual Mission/Outreach Offering… Thank you for your generosity this past Sunday and this past week. The total will be announced today.

Jim Klein will continue to teach the Sunday morning Bible Class… Jim’s class is on James and will continue to the end of the month.

Live Stream… We are learning more about live streaming  each week. You may receive our live stream on the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ Facebook page; Or, the church web site (at dgchurch.org). If you need help getting your electronic device or computer set up, then let the church office know and we will help you out. We live stream the adult Bible class at 9am and our worship gathering at 10:15.

Let’s be in prayer for our nation and our government in the aftermath of our national elections… If  all your candidates were NOT elected, don’t grumble too long; but ask God to bless our leaders, and just as important, let’s ask God to bless our government officials with hearts He can touch. And don’t worry, there is always another election coming soon… but hopefully, not too soon.:)

Love God. Share Jesus. Live Your Mission.
Has there ever been a more important time to give thanksgiving?

The youth will be planning ways  to encourage and share our thanks for one another this November, especially those who are sheltering at home.

Stay tuned.

Fellowship Loading

Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. we will be having a prayer     meeting with the teens!

Come Join and bring your prayers. I will provide the zoom link via Email, and Facebook!

Communication Cards are a major way to share prayer requests and thanksgivings. Please complete a card each Sunday. If you can’t be with us then please communicate by email or call the church office with your needs.

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