Prayer Requests: November 1, 2020

“The Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”   -Psalm 100:5

Marissa Goodwin:  Please pray that I will recover quickly after an emergency appendectomy on October 28.  In addition, my boyfriend Walker could use some prayers as well since he is taking care of himself and me!

Betty Rude: Prayers for our country this week & following.  Thank you for your prayers for my family and me.

Brad and Marie Clarke: We would like prayers for our adult daughter Melanie, and her husband, James, to come to salvation and to be baptized.

Scott Rouse:  Pray for our mission efforts and the effectiveness of the work in Nicaragua.

Georgette Rude: Please pray for Rachel, a worker who has so much on her plate with her children.  Thanks to God for bringing us workers to clean up the damage in the garden of prayer.

Glenn and Judie Sanborn: Please continue praying for the Rude family.  Pray for our country and its leaders.  Juanita Johnson is better and is going back to work this week.  Thank you Lord!  My cousin Kaye is very ill with the virus; please keep her in your prayers.

John and Beth Cope: Please pray for Luca.  Pray that God allows us to keep him, if it is His will.  Pray if he does go to Florida, that God keeps Luca safe physically, spiritually and mentally.

AJ Stemmene: Please pray for Dan and all of the Rudes’ in the loss of Tim.  He was special to me.  Also, pray for the shut-ins and all of our first responders.  God Bless them!

Christian Eggar:  I am very encouraged by worship today!  God bless this congregation!!!

Jim and Janelle Burton:  We are all better, and the Berkemeier’s made it back to Texas.

Alyson Klein: Thanks to all the ladies who have been working to clean, organize, and rearrange things in the building!

Helen Rouse: A big thank you to all of you holding things together!

Dan and Teri Dupey: We are so thankful for Benny and Donna’s work in Nicaragua.  We pray for the Rude family, especially Dan Rude (Tim’s dad), and Betty (Tim’s grandmother), and all the Rudes’ as they work through Tim’s unexpected death.  We also pray for Linda Bruner’s family in the loss of her dad, Bill.  Please pray for Glenda Bonaiuto as she works through throat cancer.

Marci Nelson: I am so grateful to God, our Father, for watching over me. On Oct. 23, the snow caught me in Plummer with bald tires.  I slid off the road and rolled my car 1 ½ times.  My car is totaled, but other than aches and pains, I am ok.  I had a C.T. scan and spine x-ray to confirm it.  Praise God!  It could have been so much worse!

Craig and Deb Hengge: Thank you for sending out the news bulletins and doing the online service.

John Cope: Thank you again everyone, for your prayers and help in Beth’s recovery from surgery.

Ray Rayburn:  Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards sent.  Now I’m celebrating 97 years. God bless you all.

Anita Poland:  Please pray for Karen Johnson, a friend who has pancreatic cancer.  I pray God will bless our church and all its members.

Trisha Schultz:  Please pray for our daughter Tracie, and her children.  She has some tough decisions regarding their education and influences, and she really needs prayers.

Mark Milburn:  Please pray for Janet’s knee to heal.  She had knee surgery for a Meniscus tear, but also has an ACL tear that is not healing well.

Michael Lewis: Carmen’s sister Treva’s tumor has shrunk (praise God), but now her husband, Steve, who works in the oil and gas industry, is being forced into retirement early. It could mean they will soon lose their health insurance coverage. Please pray for them as they work through this difficult time.

Church Office: Please pray for the many seniors and others who are sheltering at home now. They want to be at the building to meet with their spiritual family, but just cannot because of COVID. Help them to know God’s peace and our love.

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