Bulletin: October 11, 2020


Our Worship…

How Great is Our God
Every Time
On Bended Knee
Family News
I’ve Got Peace Like a River
Covenant of Love
Scripture Reading: Philippians 2:5-9
Come, Share the Lord
Communion Thought and Prayers
Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 1:7b
Highest Place
Awesome God
How Great Thou Art
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (dismiss children)
Video: “Fear”
Message: “Refusing to Stay on The Wrong Side of the River”
Our God, He Is Alive
Blue Skies and Rainbows

Church Family Update…

Mountain States Children’s Home… Please help to fill the boxes for Mountain States. Next week will be the last Sunday to gather our donation.

Ray Rayburn’s Birthday… We thought that it would be very encouraging to Ray for us to send a flood of cards to him for his 97th birthday this October 22. He will be 97 years young!

Bible Classes Begin again… Many have asked about beginning classes again now that local schools are back in session in a more normal way. On October 25 we ask everyone who is able to gather for Bible Class in the large auditorium to hear Benny Baker teach a class. This will be for adults, youth, and older elementary students. There will also be Bible classes for younger children downstairs.

Beginning November 1… Our classes will take on a more normal existence. This is the Sunday where we all get an extra hour of sleep as “Daylight Savings Time” ends for another year. So when is a better time to slip back into a class schedule. There will be an adult class, a teen class (Christian will be teaching in the youth barn), and a couple of classes for younger children. In classes with our young ones we encourage the teacher and students wear a mask when they will be in close proximity. As plans becoming clearer we will communicate further on what will be offered.

Mission Outreach Offering for 2020
Goal: $15,000

$10,000 to fill a shipping container with Bibles for Nicaragua.

$5,000 to hold a community outreach event this next summer or as soon as it is deemed safe to do.

Thank You from Christian,
I have never felt so loved and looked after than by this congregation! From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping me get settled and filling my cupboards! I have more canned food and ramen a guy could ask for!
Every Friday Night we will have something called, Friday Night Lights. We will gather to play some games, outdoor, indoor, video games and more! At the end of the night we will have a devo! The idea behind this is that we as a youth group can share the light of Jesus with the world!
Every Tuesday, I would like to have a time where I could chat with the parents and youth! This is a time we can pray together that the rest of our week goes well! It’s a time where we can pray for one another over Zoom! Each week I will send out a zoom link, via email, to the parents and youth. I’m calling it:   Fellowship Loading…..

We are going to try to provide a more detailed congregation roster that will allow you to email, text, or call various members. Please help us by making your contact information available by completing a Communication Card today.

The Promises of God book is still available, as well as the rubber wrist band reminding us to be courageous.

Special Announcement…

Benny and Donna Baker will be here on October 25th

Benny will speak in Bible Class at 9am

And then he will speak during our worship meeting at 10:15am

About 25% of our congregation has made a mission trip to Mision Para Cristo in Nicaragua.

It is a life-changing trip because you are quickly in awe over what God has done in blessing His church there and how so many of the mission ministries are entwined in the daily lives in the hill country of northwest Nicaragua.

Suggestions to Stay Connected…

Over the past two weeks the congregation was asked to prayerfully think about what we can do to stay better connected during the pandemic.


  1. Live Stream the Adult Bible Class and the worship gatherings so all may see them as they happen. (Our plan is to begin broadcasting on October 25th)
  2. Begin Bible Classes. (Our plan is begin this on October 25)
  3. Send Communication Cards to all who are sheltering at home so their prayer requests and stories of blessing may be shared with our entire church family. (We will begin doing this immediately)
  4. The elders should endeavor to build a closer relationship with those unable to attend our church meeting. (Our elders are discussing several ways to do this and you will soon hear about their efforts toward this goal.)
  5. The entire congregation needs updated information to best contact one another. (We will begin doing this today.)
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