Prayer Requests: August 30, 2020

Prayer Requests

from August 30, 2020

The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made. Psalm 145:9

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Please pray for Rod Bristol’s sister, Joyce Womack. She had surgery Sunday in Arkansas. Also, pray for healing for Beth Cope.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for the hate and discontent in this country and the world. Lord have mercy.

Misty Stemmene: Prayers for Alyssa. She was life flighted to Seattle do to a serious medical condition. Prayers that my ALC is good at my next doctor’s appointment.

Chris & Nichole Rouse: Thank you for all of your prayers for dad! He is feeling good and his surgery went well. He will need to have radiation and chemo treatments and your continued prayers through this journey are much appreciated.

Dan & Teri Dupey: Pray for good results at the doctor’s appointment for Rose this Tuesday. Pray for Teri to have confidence, good health, wisdom and more starting her new teaching position.

David & Linda Bruner: We will be traveling to Wisconsin, Texas, and back over the next 3 weeks. Pray for safe travels.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: Continued prayers for Carroll Taylor and thank you for prayers for Chris & Nichole’s safe trip home.

Ruby Rude: Blessings for a safe trip.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Please pray for Jeffery. He is deploying on Sept 1. He will do a 30-day quarantine then deploy to Diego Garcia where his boat is. Then another 30-day quarantine after deployment. Pray for him and his crew, as they will be away from family for six months.

Betty Rude: Prayers for Diane & Jim Rude as they are in Louisiana helping with the disaster. Prayers for all the families affected by the fires.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Continue prayers for healing for Treva Vogl and Sally Truitt.

Arrty & Jen Rude: Please pray for all students and teachers going back to school to stay healthy and safe.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for our country during this pandemic and during the upcoming election.

Claudia Moberg: Please keep praying for my brother-in-law, Dan and his wife, Maria. It is going to take a long time to heal from his pneumonia.

Ryan & Faith Krull: Prayers for the election, normalcy, and the end of violence.

Christian Eggar: Prayers for safe travels. Thank you for your welcoming community.

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