Announcement from the Elders

Dear church family,

David Bruner and Scott Rouse believe more than two elders are required to properly shepherd the Dalton Gardens congregation. It impacts how the elders build consensus decisions, how they work with deacons to manage the ministries of the congregation, and most importantly, it makes it harder to stay connected with all the members of the congregation. With Andy & Darcy Ponder’s move to Centralia, Washington, a big hole was made in the spiritual leadership team of this congregation.

However, during the pandemic, when so many cannot be present at our church worship meetings, the elders also believe it is not a good time to hold our typical elder and deacon selection process. The last three elder/deacon selection efforts within our congregation, Dale Herboldt has received by far more nominations to serve as an elder than any other. In the past for some reason or another, Dale has never thought it was the right time for him to serve in that way. Recently the elders have asked Dale again to consider becoming an elder and on this occasion after a lot of prayer and thought, Dale has consented to serve as a shepherd if the congregation wished him to do so.

Therefore, this past Sunday, the elders placed Dale Herboldt’s name before the church to join them as an elder. If anyone in the congregation has a spiritual objection to Dale serving as a shepherd, then please write out that spiritual objection and give it to the elders by this coming Sunday. If there are objections, then the elders will try to work through those on the week of August 16th.

The current elders hope Dale can join them on August 23. Then please know, whether it is six months from now, a year, or whenever it is possible for everyone to safely meet together, we will then hold a more traditional elder/deacon search.

Please pray for our elders and their efforts to shepherd the Dalton Gardens congregation.

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