Bulletin: June 14, 2020


Our Worship…

Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah
The Lily of the Valley
Welcome/Family News
Congregational Reading: Hebrews 11:1, 2
“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”
Blessed Assurance
Oh the Depths and the Riches
Glory to His Name
Communion Thought
Prayer for the Bread
Prayer for the Cup
Do All in the Name of the Lord
My Hope is Built On Nothing Less (standing)
Video: How to Defeat Fear
Message: Living in God’s Light in a World of Grey: Thoughts on 1 John
Prayer of Blessing
It Is Well with My Soul (standing)

Church Family Update…

Family Promise… We will be “hosting” our Family Promise family with meals only. June 14-27.The sign-up whiteboard and directions on how to drop off meals is in the lobby. Please help!

Baby Bottle Boomerang… Next Sunday brings to a close the annual fund raiser for the Open Arms ministry that works to encourage women with unwanted pregnancy to carry the child to term so their can be an adoption. If you simply want to write check to Open Arms and drop in the Offering Box and we will see it gets to the correct place.

From Larry and Jean Grow… Dear Church Family, Thanks for all the prayers, cards, calls, etc. They have really been appreciated. God is in control and hears our prayers. Larry’s radiation treatments are over. The hormone treatments, etc. will continue for at least 2 yrs. Both the doctors and we feel the treatments have done what they were supposed to do and the outcome looks good. However, since Larry’s immune system is down we will be staying away from people until the doctor gives his OK. Miss you all! We are keeping all of you and your families in our prayers. Thanks again for all your prayers! Stay safe, sane and healthy. Philippians 4:11-13

Love, hugs and prayers, Jean and Larry Grow

Prayers and Thanksgivings…

Teri Dupey: Please pray for Dan. He has a knee injury and is in pain.

Wayne & Debbie Frisbie: Praise God, my brother made it through surgery and is doing well. Please pray for the health of my brother-in-law, and sister, Ed & Sherri Poindexter.

Alyson Klein: My Aunt, Jane Cave is exhibiting symptoms of dementia. Please pray for her and Uncle Dean.

Larry & Sylvia Slate: Prayers for Myrtle as she has a couple of tests this week. Pray for good results.

Michael & Carmen Lewis: Terry Beasley, Carmen’s nephew is doing better but not out of the woods yet. Carmen’s sister, Triva Vogel, has had a mass discovered on her liver. Please pray for healing and blessing upon their families.

Glenn & Judie Sanborn: Love one another for love is of God!

Keith & Carole Fredrikson: Prayers for our country and our leaders.

Samantha: I could use prayers to heal my heart and my eczema. I need God to make me feel whole again.

Kent & Georgette Rude: Please pray for our nation and our leaders.

Christine Welch: Jerry had back surgery May 28th. His pain is better. He also has had some memory loss. Please pray for good physical and mental health.

Betty Rude: Prayers for my great-grandson, Easton for the Lord’s healing hand to be on him and his cancer and his family. God bless all our graduates.

Mike & Victoria Isenhart: Please pray for a complete healing of cancer for our beloved brother, Larry Grow and his wife, Jean.

Marci Nelson: Pray for the graduates as they enter the time in their lives when they will be discovering their own personal relationships with God. Pray that they will seek God’s will.

AJ Stemmene: Prayers for our country and family. Keep the faith, trust in the Lord.

Jack & Tabby Cutler: Tabby’s Aunt, Helen Hopkins is going into Hospice care, she is in her 90’s. She lived a good life and we know where her soul is heading. But it is going to be hard to imagine living in this world with out her light.

Amy & Seth Sawyer: Please feel free to reach out to our son, Orin Sawyer. Please ask in the church office for his address.

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