Bulletin: June 7, 2020


Our Worship

Hilltops of Glory (standing)
Mansion Over The Hilltop (vs 1 and 3)

Welcome/Family News
VIDEO: Honoring Our High School Grads
Shepherd’s Prayer

Scripture Reading: Eph. 2:4-10
His Grace Reaches Me
Heavenly Sunlight
We Praise Thee, O God
Come, Let Us Unite To Sing (standing)
Video: Live In God’s Love
Message: Living In God’s Light in a World of Grey: Thoughts from 1 John (Part 6)
Lord’s Supper
Prayer for Bread
Prayer for the Cup
Prayer of Thanksgiving & Gratitude (offering)
This World is Not My Home (standing)

Church Family Update…

What we are trying to do this morning… We are trying to be cautious in reopening our worship gatherings during this time of Covid-19. We will continue asking members to consider wearing a mask as they enter and leave the building (when social distancing is not possible) and then if they wish, they may remove them once they find a place to sit for our worship gathering. We ask people to space themselves out in the open church pews to provide some social distancing between family units. We will continue to use the sealed communion items, provide hand sanitizing areas, and continue to NOT use the coffee bar or water fountains for a little while longer (but for the thirsty, small water bottles will be available). Next Sunday, we will enter the fourth and final stage for reopening, when we will further relax our guidelines. We are so thankful for your cooperation.

This morning will honor our high graduates for 2020… Each one has a table set up in the upper lobby where you may place cards, notes of encouragement, and gifts for each one. They are: Kayne Brooks, Kayla Mueller, Nathan Taylor, and Savannah Moffett. May God grant them wisdom and love as they enter a new chapter of their lives.

Baby Bottle Boomerang is coming to their June 21st deadline… Normally we speak a lot about the Open Arms ministry that helps mothers NOT to have an abortion, but to give birth to a child that can be adopted into a loving family. Unfortunately, many pregnant women do not have the resources or medical resources to carry an unwanted child to term. The Open Arms ministry provides pregnant women the resources and support for them to give birth, so the child could be adopted. Most years we talk about this ministry and hand out baby bottles that can be filled with spare change from Mother’s Day to Father’s Dad. But this is NOT “most years.” Father’s Day (June 21st) will continue to be the deadline for their fund drive but they are asking this year that you just write them a check (no matter if it is large or small). You may write a check directly to Open Arms Pregnancy Center and place them in the offering boxes.

Prayers and Thanksgivings…

Chris & Nicole Rouse: Please keep Nichole’s Aunt Jean in your prayers. She fell off of her bike and was transferred to Oklahoma City with a small brain bleed and broken collar bone.

Tony & Lindsay Rude: Pray for our nation.

Kurt Roush: Prayers for the new job opportunity.

Nolan & Emily Moore: So grateful for everyone’s prayers over our house purchase and Emily and baby’s health. We moved into our home May 30 and pregnancy is going well. Many doctor appointments coming up. Also, please pray for our girls, as the stress of all our changes is affecting them.

Mike & Victoria Isenhart: Please pray for our Papa Perry. He had a cancer removed from the top of his head. Pray for healing in Jesus.

Walter & Judy Brooks: Please keep Larry Rude in your prayers as he goes through treatments for colon & stomach cancer.

Marci Nelson: So thankful to be together with our church family. Please pray for my family to put God first. Pray for protection for those that are at high risk for illness.

Ruby Rude: Pray for the health of our nation and world.

Church Office: Please pray for Wanda Wilson’s health. She is still having struggles with low kidney function.

Becky Essary: Richard’s son, Richard Essary III has passed away, please pray for the family. Richard’s newborn great granddaughter was born with health issues, please pray for her.

Scott & Karmen Rouse: So thankful to see all the beautiful faces of our loved church family. Look forward to seeing more of the family in the coming weeks.

Christine Welch: Jerry had back surgery, May 28. His pain is better. He also has some memory loss. Please pray for good physical and mental health.

AJ Stemmene: Thankful for medications so I am finally able to come to church and enjoy fellowship. Praise the Lord!

Debbie Yanzick: Thank you for your calls, cards, & prayers on the passing of my mother, Patricia Riggs “Grandma Pat”.

Ray & Sylvia Rayburn: So wonderful to be here today!

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