Bulletin: April 19, 2020


Michael’s devotional message will be posted this Sunday on our church website (dgchurch.org). Please listen.

We could use food items for our pantry (especially, stews, soups, and easy to microwave box meals). The grocery cart will be outside our building (weather permitting) so you will not need to come inside. Those needing food just give the office a call for an appointment to come by.

Simple Reflections – Dan Dupey

I remember when you could hug your family and grandchildren with joy & admiration, but even with mandates everywhere, we can still simply visit through FaceTime, zoom and at a distance from across the street.

I remember when you could walk into a store without gloves or masks and leisurely shop for your needs, but it is, at least somewhat exciting seeing groceries delivered to your door. (A new experience!)

I remember when store shelves were full of hydrogen peroxide (now recommended as a throat and nasal spray), hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. Now will we ever run out, with neighbors cautiously helping neighbors in need?

Not long ago, I remember when gas was $2.58 per gallon. Is anyone driving? And, consequently, a bit of good news, seeing the current rate drop to $1.68 per gallon.

I remember when spring was March Madness and hopes, again, for a ZAGS championship. Because of isolation, we might have time for a few recorded highlights!

Spring was baseball, hearing a hard ball hit wooden bats and leather gloves, not empty fields, with no one in sight, except killdeer, flickers, and crows. But, good baseball memories can be shared and experienced especially on those neighborhood walks. We just need to keep our distance.

I remember when spring meant resuming my title as “Auction Coordinator and Donation Director”. Those activities have screeched to a sudden halt. Spring meant S.A.T. tests and recess outside in the sun. But, now we see more individualized tutoring, parents and teachers working together, zoom meetings, and encouraging phone calls.

Spring meant remembering our Savior in a cool morning Prayer Garden with Michael’s message and Georgette controlling the smoke. A special breakfast before a Christ-focused day. The mandates have kept us all home, but gave us the opportunity to hear encouraging words from Michael, Scott, Andy, and David.

But God’s omnipotent presence is still with us. In fact, He brings the sunshine, the smile, the endorphins that flow, lifting our mood, as we walk with Him, and PRAY to Him. His hand still heals, His power still controls, His Hope is still there and our faith is still alive.

He is before ALL things, and in Him all things HOLD together! Col 1:17

Make Your Own Communion Bread
By Bonnie Boulton

2 tablespoons flour
1½ teaspoons cold water
1½ teaspoons oil
Mix oil and water together and pour into flour.
Roll out rounds. Sprinkle with a bit of salt if desired.
Bake at 375° 5-10 minutes

Please feel free to send any prayers requests to the church office and we will get them out to the congregation. office@dgchurch.org.

During these uncertain times, when more and more people will be sheltering at home; know you may send your church offering remotely. Go to the app store on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) and search for Givelify. Then add the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ. You can download this app for free. You can also click this link. And now you can give to our congregation without ever leaving your home.

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