Bulletin: April 12, 2020


Please frequently check our church website (dgchurch.org). Michael provides a special Easter message this week; furthermore, Scott Rouse and David Bruner share their thoughts on the blessings of this Easter. All these new messages things will be posted on our website early each Sunday morning. Please listen and watch them. Michael’s audio message for this week is currently available on our website.

While we are apart church emails, phone calls, and our website take on added important. We hope each member of our church family, during this challenging time, will work harder to stay in contact with each other, and exert mutual effort in frequently checking our church website so we can hold in common the messages and information posted there.

Would you like to write your own message of encouragement to the congregation? The church office wants to pass your message along through our church email chain. We encourage you to send your thoughts in writing (around 250 words or less) to the church office at: office@dgchurch.org.

Rod Bristol says… “I can help any Life Group or other group set up for video-audio meetings via smart phones, iPads, and computers. We can do the process by phone and Internet, so nobody has to worry about getting too close to anybody else.”

HELP! Please remember we are looking for creative ideas for encouraging one another and helping each other through this time of quarantine.

Face Masks… Some of our “So in Love” women are making cloth facemasks for our members. If you would like a cloth mask. Please call Linda Bruner 208-640-7205 or email: lindajbruner@gmail.com. We also have some in the church office.

Church Office… We have individually wrapped communion cups with juice and a wafer. They are all packaged (untouched by human hands). All are welcome to come by to pick some prepackaged communion supplies.

Please feel free to send any prayers requests to the church office and we will get them out to the congregation. office@dgchurch.org.

During these uncertain times, when more and more people will be sheltering at home; know you may send your church offering remotely. Go to the app store on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) and search for Givelify. Then add the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ. You can download this app for free. You can also click this link. And now you can give to our congregation without ever leaving your home.

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