Bulletin: April 5, 2020


If you did not see last Sunday’s video message from Michael, it will still be on the church website. It is called: “For Uncertain Times”. There is also an important audio message you should hear from him on our website. There will be a new video message downloaded for this Sunday along with an encouraging word from one of our elders, Andy Ponder. It is all available on our church website (dgchurch.org). Please keep the church office and/or our elders aware of any needs you have, God bless you.

A special note from Michael: We live in strange times. So called experts and scientists seem to be learning new things about the Covid-19 virus as we go along and thus regular changing their forecasts for what we should expect. The latest news (even though this could change again in a few days) is that 25 percent of the population of the United States will contract the Coronavirus. 1 in 4. That gets my attention. Plus, the realization that many will have the virus without symptoms but carry it within them and will infect others. And since we barely have enough testing kits to check those with symptoms we just don’t know who has the virus and who doesn’t. Now, I tell you that not to scare you, but I have never known a more uncertain time in my life than this time.

I ordered a new ear piece for my phone and it came in a box from China a while back… I stared at the box for two weeks before I opened it because I thought the coronavirus might well be on or in the box. Silly, I know. But it is the kind of paranoia that all of us potentially face. So I suggest this is NOT the time for fear and out of control worry. HOWEVER, as this virus impacts our lives in the weeks ahead let’s remember the power of prayer. Let’s get down on our knees or whatever we can do to humble ourselves before the Lord and call on Him to protect our medical professions, our nation, our state, and our church family. Please be careful out there but do not be afraid. We claim the peace that transcends all understanding (Phil 4:7). God will find a way to bless us even during such a time as this.


Church Family Update…

In one of the stranger weddings scenes… Michael performed a wedding ceremony for Janelle Berkemeier and her fiancé, Jim Burton while practicing social distancing. Congratulations Jim & Janelle! May God bless your union!

There are only two workers in heavy protective gear, continuing to work on our lobby. They are texturing and painting with several coats all the ceiling and wall spaces. About the only good part to the church suspending our gathering is that these workers are able to work on the project seven days a week. Painting should be done by next week and then the new coffee bar will go in and new carpet will go down.

The Church Office will have reduced hours due to the virus and construction. We are planning to be here Monday – Friday. Please call with any needs or prayer requests.

Wanting to take the Lord’s Supper in your home during this time of voluntary quarantine? Hope you do. Please feel free to come by the church building ask Ronda for a package of individually sealed communion bread and juice. We heard a story about one of our church families that had no grape juice in the house so they used tomato juice (a different kind of fruit of the vine), but I believe the Lord understands. Still, we want you to know these communion sets are safe and available at the church office.

During these uncertain times, when more and more people will be sheltering at home; know you may send your church offering remotely. Go to the app store on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) and search for Givelify. Then add the Dalton Gardens Church of Christ. You can download this app for free. You can also click this link. And now you can give to our congregation without ever leaving your home.

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