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September 29, 2002

Short  By

STUFF    Dave Shaner

As most of us know from last week's assembly, Mike Reeves was honored with the Youth Minister of the Year for the Northwest. This is a well deserved honor and has been long overdue. Not only does Mike minister to our own youth, but youth ministers throughout the Northwest look to him for suggestions. Greg Woods & James Stanley from the Metro church in Portland, Oregon and Kevin Woods from the church in Vancouver who direct Faith Quest, came to present the award. The scriptures encourage us to give honor to whom honor is due - Romans 13:7.

The Ladies Fall Fellowship is next Saturday. Anna Crump and Diane Rude will be speaking on their experience both in the mission field and at home. This is always a wonderful event that blesses may lives. Men ... if you can help with the children or cleanup, please volunteer today instead of waiting to be asked. Ladies, if you have not registered yet, please do so today as well.

Jerry Rushford, director of church relations at Pepperdine University, will speaking for our morning assembly, October 6. His subject will be 'Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses.' He will also be speaking to the men at a Bible class that morning, entitled, 'Christians on the Oregon Trail.' He has written several books relating to the history of the churches of Christ in America. He has also led several trips to England exploring the history of religious music. Jerry has a the unique ability of sharing our heritage and digging to find the stories of how the church has grown in this area. He also is very skilled at story telling and bringing the scriptures alive via this medium. He will also have a bookstand available for you to purchase any of his books and get them autographed.

Bring a friend next week. Between the Ladies Fall Fellowship and with Jerry Rushford speaking, I am sure that your guests will be greatly encouraged.

Have a Great Week!

Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

1 Peter 1:12

Welcome To The Family!

Larry & Sylvia Slate wishes to be considered a part of the Dalton Gardens congregation. They were formerly active with the church in Pullman, Washington. Be sure to welcome them here.

Their address is:
8077 W. Shorecrest Rd.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

11th Annual Ladies Fall Fellowship

Our 11th Annual Ladies Fall Fellowship is this coming Saturday, October 5. Registration and Coffee Hour start at 8:30am. The program is from 9:00 am till 3:00pm with lunch at noon. Our speakers will be Diane Rude from Astoria, Oregon and our own Anna Crump. Bring your family, friends and neighbors!

Today is the last day to pre-register in the foyer and get the reduced rate.

Ladies - $7 (Received by Sept. 30)
Teens - $3
Registration on October 5 will be $10

The Ladies Bible Class Lesson on Sunday, October 6 at 9:00am is "Being The Light" - a panel discussion with Diane Rude and Anna Crump on their experiences in the mission field.

We will be setting up and decorating this Thursday and Friday. See Jean Grow or Mary Petersen for information on times.

In Honor of Shari Swaim

Your attendance at the funeral service for Shari Swaim was greatly appreciated. Shari will be dearly missed by all of us. The Coeur d'Alene Christian School was very dear to her heart. Some memorial funds at the school have been set up in her honor. We would like to encourage you to donate either to the general fund or the the scholarship fund. The general fund helps to pay for day to day expenses. CCS needs to raise approximately $20,000 above tuition just to pay its salaries. Donating to the general fund can help offset this deficit. By donating to the Shari Swaim Scholarship Fund, you can help students to be able to attend that otherwise could not. Please see Betty Rude, Dan DuPey or the School office for more information.

Shepherd's Corner

There are many different things that happen in our lives that will create different feelings. As a family we have experienced wonderful times, and shared great joy. We have also experienced terrible losses, and shared great sorrow. As individuals we have also experienced many different situations that have created a variety of feelings. Feelings of being happy, amused, joyful, confused, shocked, sad, broken-hearted, lost, and many more.

Sometimes we do not know or understand why we must face these situations in life. We do not know why we have to experience these feelings. We do know that God is involved with our lives. He is involved with our sad times, and the happy time. We know that God wants to know our feelings, and he cares for our feelings. He also cares for how we are going to respond to those feelings is connected to our relationship with God. That relationship can be determined by our focus on God.

In our lives we will experience feelings. The question is are we going to control our responses to those feelings? That control is found when our relationship is with God, and our focus is on God. That focus and relationship with God grows as we pray, study, and meditate on God's Word. Are you growing in your focus? -The Elders

Eastern European Mission

One Million Prayers!

As a result of EEM's recent project over 40,000 Russian families are receiving their Bibles and Biblical materials at this time. Today, September 29, EEM is asking congregations nationwide to pray for these families. Imagine 1,000,000 Prayers offered as Russian families are studying the Word.

Game Night

Do you like to play board games, card games, dominos, etc.? Please bring snacks and drinks. Bring any games you'd like to play. If you are a family with children, come and bring the little ones. Just be sure to bring an activity for them so they will have fun while you are having your fun. Game night will be Friday, Oct. 11, at 6:30 p.m. in the kitchen.

Tweeners Mystery Dinner

On Saturday, October 26 at 6:00 p.m., the German Frahm 'Castle' is inviting all Tweeners over for dinner. We will enjoy an intriguing evening of mystery (Biblically based), theatrical comedy, fellowship and food. But watch out! You might be the victim. Please RSVP on the sign up sheet on the kiosk. Each person will be given a part and must come dressed in costume and be ready to be your part. Please sign up early so you have time to prepare for your part, if you must cancel, try to find a replacement for your part. Call Alyssa Frahm for questions and parts 665-5851.

Calendar of Events

October 1 - Prayer Breakfast 6:30 a.m. at JB's

October 5 - Ladies Fall Fellowship

October 6 - Special Speaker - Jerry Rushford

October 11 - Game Night 6:30 p.m. in the Kitchen

October 11-13 - Teens Cider Press

October 19 - Keenage Banquet

October 23 - Magi Project Work Night

October 25 - Ladies Craft Night -7:00 p.m.

October 26 - Tweeners Mystery Dinner

Prayer Requests

Jim Rehms is home recovering. Keep Jim and Joyce in your prayers as Jim recovers.

Becky Erwin, John & Joyce's daughter in-law, had surgery. Pray for healing and fast recovery.

Dawn Morgan is home recovering after surgery and is doing well. Continue to pray for her healing and for Dan and the family.

Jesse Rupnick is dealing with cancer. Also keep Cindy and their family in your prayers.

David Honeycutt, Russ & Paula Morris' nephew, was in a serious car accident and is recovering slowly.

For David & Becky Reeves as they continue with their furlough. For the Miller Family as their furlough ends and they go back to Togo. Pray for all the families as they teach the Kabiye people and minister to them.

Please keep Steve Lucas, Earlene Reeves brother-in-law, in your prayers. Doctors have recommended that he have a kidney transplant and his oldest daughter has volunteered to give him one of hers. Pray for the right decisions to be made and for God's guidance during and after the surgery.

Continue Praying For....

The Togo Team*Anita Haman*Tena Thornton*David Morgan
Rick Smith*Vera Calfy*Mark Mood*Rick Howard
Shawn Putnam*Mary Dickson*Chris Flick*Christine Welch
Glenda Bonnaiucci*Loraine Parrish*Lee Burge

In Sympathy

Our love goes out to the Swaim Family as we share in their grief at the loss of a wife, a mom, a grandmother and our special friend and sister in Christ. Shari has positively impacted so many lives and will be dearly missed.

Thank You!

Dear Church Family,
Thank you so much for all of your prayers, support, meals, and kind words over the past 2 years. We appreciate them more than words can say.
In Christ,
The Swaim Family & The Evans Family

Thanks for praying for Shawn. His stomach is feeling better.
-Shawn & Lisa Putman

Mike's Memos


In the next few weeks I'd like to share some tips for parenting which came via another church bulletin, and which offer some excellent advice.


In the early years, kids accept most of what parents tell them at face value. Consequently, parents are a child's most important connection to who God is. A bit later (ages 7-9) kids begin to need reasons for their beliefs. They need to know that their faith is reasonable and real. Hands-on parental participation is key. Note the following: 5 Tips for Parenting Kids Ages 2-9

1) Be a consistent model of Christ. This, above all else you do as a parent, will become a catalyst that ignites spiritual growth. At this age it is up to you to facilitate spiritual connections. Watch for teachable moments. Think about your prayer and Bible study habits, your consistency in Bible class and church attendance, the way you 'love your neighbor' These examples will become the foundation for your child's connection with God.

2) Enjoy music and Christian videos with young children. Through these mediums, your 2-9 year olds can learn Bible stories, memory verses, and discover more about God's character. Yes, this takes time, but it is more important than Little League, soccer, and swimming lessons, etc. etc.

3) Read to your kids. Read and discuss Bible stories that touch issues they can relate to such as being afraid of the dark or going to school. This is a great time to teach them how relevant the Bible is and how important it is to our daily lives.

4) Whenever you are outside, observe clouds, trees, mountains....anything in nature. Give God thanks for creating such a beautiful world. It is such an easy way to establish the awesome creative power of God

5) Keep track of prayer requests and God's answers to them to illustrate the reality of your child's faith. By this you teach them the closeness and care of God, and our dependency on Him.

(Good Resource: Parent's Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children (Tyndale)

(Next week - 6 tips for preteens / adolescents)

Leadership Training for Christ Opportunities for all 3rd-12th graders every Sunday from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Bible Challenge - Matthew's Gospel for all 3rd - 12th graders 6:30 - 7:30 Every Wed. Night

Cider Press

Youth Rally at Cashmere


Oct. 11th - 13th

Registration form and $$ due by Sept. 30th!

CCS CORNER -School News


I have worked with four Christian Schools in my lifetime...and find none that compare to the family I have found here at C.C.S. Many special people have come into my life here....
They have left an imprint on my heart....
The children, parents, grandparents...brothers and sisters in Christ....
We all work together to give the children Jesus....
To give them whatever gift God has given us to share 'His Son'.
Shari had a gift and gave abundantly of His riches in her and through her.
Shari will always be a very special part of our family here.... The gifts she gave are everlasting...They are alive in each and every life she touched....
We honor our Savior by the lives we live....
May we honor His humble and beautiful servant,
Shari Swaim with our Devotion and love to
Christ Jesus as we serve Him here at......
Coeur d'Alene Christian School

Your Sister in Christ, Teri Dupey

CCS Fundraiser!!!

Going on now; Cherrydale Farms fundraiser. The gift catalog is ready for you to order from. Ask a CCS student to take a peek and find the perfect gifts for your Christmas shopping list.

Magi Project - Christmas Boxes For Kids

Start planning on Christmas for the less fortunate kids around the world. We will need all supplies turned in by October 20 and we will pack up the boxes on Wednesday, October 23 right after Bible study class in the small auditorium.

Use a medium-sized empty shoe box or plastic container. Separately wrap the lid and box with wrapping paper. Choose to pack your gift for a girl or boy and the age category for your child. Use the label from the back of your brochure and tape it on the end of the box. Pack your box with age and gender appropriate gift items worth $20-$25. Suggested gift items: Toys, school supplies, picture books, health/hygiene items, clothes (small t-shirts, underwear, socks, or hats), candy, and personal notes/family photos. Important: Place $5 or more attached to your shipping slip in your shoe box to help cover shipping cost. Please place your check and shipping slip on top of the items of your box so it's clearly visible. For more information see Alyssa Frahm.

Soup Kitchen Menu for Wednesday, Oct. 2nd:
Spaghetti, Vegetables, Rolls and dessert

Soup Kitchen/Pantry Items of the Week:
Onions, frozen vegetables

TO SERVE October 6th, 2002

Song Leader: Mark Borsheim
Opening Prayer: Jerry Welch
Closing Prayer: David Bruner
Scripture: Austin Shaner
Offering: Larry Slate
Lord's Supper: Dale Herboldt
Walter Brooks
Scott Simpson
Andrew Marchese
Don Rude
Ushers: Eldon Rude
Mike Haas
Paul Welter
Greeters: Helen Rouse & Nancy Callis
Announcements: David Bruner
Audio: Scott Dehlbom
Computer: Steve Howard
Lock-Up Building: Jack Pierce

Contact Warren Brown ASAP if you are unable to serve.
October 6th October 13th
Nursery: Delvona Rude Jean Grow
Helpers: Johnni Wuest Kelsey Nirk

PRAYER HOT LINE - Lynelle Dehlbom 762-1029
Email Prayer Hot Line -

Assembly Times:


Bible Class 9:00-9:50 am
Worship Assembly 10:15 am
Bible Study Groups 5:30 pm

Bible Classes 6:30 pm

Other Bible Study Groups are offered at various times. Please call the office for times and places.

Bible Study Groups:

Ralph Crump PF - Thursday 7:00 773-6945
John Erwin Spirit Lake - Sun 6:00 683-7001
Tim Frahm CD'A - Sun 5:30 665-5851
Mike Reeves Building - Wed 10:00 AM 762-8024
Don Rude / Warren Brown DG - Sun 5:30 772-5532
Dave Shaner Bldg - Sun 5:30 765-8524
Mike Swaim / Dan Dupey Hayden - Sun 5:00 772-4341
Paul Swaim (college age) Cd'A - Sun 5:30 676-0354
Teens (SNT) Jeff & Sharon Nirk Various - Saturday 6:00 704-3557
Margie Waddell Cd'A - Fri 6:30 AM 765-2423

Dalton Gardens Church of Christ
6439 N. 4th Street
Dalton Gardens, Idaho 83815
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Church Office Hours:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday
Closed daily from noon-1:00
Phone messages can be left any time.

David Bruner Dave Shaner
Ralph Crump
LaMont Petersen Mike Reeves
Scott Rouse
Don Rude
Mike Swaim

Mark Borsheim Warren Brown
- Leadership Training for Christ - Assembly Management
- Missions / World Bible School - Greeting & Ushering
Scott Dehlbom Tim Frahm
- Benevolence - Tweeners
- Prayer - Finance
Arrty Rude John Simpson
- College Age - Building & Grounds
- Bible Hour - Senior Saints
- Education George Wuest
- Family - Fellowship
Steve Taylor - Men's Activities
- Audio / Visual - Women's Activities
- Statistics - Soup Kitchen

Baptisms, Year to Date - 24

WEEK OF 9/15/2002

Assembly 256
Bible Classes 123
Wednesday Bible Study 102
Bible Study Groups 124
Current $4,238.88
Goal $4,561.00
Average $4,070.00