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November 28th, 1999

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Our trip to Barnaul, Siberia was very encouraging to us and hopefully to the brethren there. It is very easy to become detached from the work of a missionary when you see your major role as providing finances. When you have seen the good works taking place, it makes you more a part of the work itself. Here is a letter written by one of the members of the church in Barnaul. I believe you will find it very encouraging.

"Dear brothers and sisters of Dalton Gardens church of Christ,

I hope my letter finds everyone from your church in good health and good spirits. God is so good great and good. He units us into one huge family. He warms us with his great love, and everyday He gives us a chance to feel the true joy and happiness to be His kids. My name is Nadia Nikolaenko. I live in Barnaul, work at school as an English teacher. I am 50 now. For a long time, I didn't know God, but He knew me and was constantly thinking about me. Now I know it for sure. He found the right time to send his workers, missionaries from America, to our city to teach us the history of Christianity. I was among the first listeners of such course. And it was my first step towards God. What the wonderfull people they were! What a great love and patience they showed to us. They helped me to look at my life differently. It seemed to me that I was borning anew. So I was baptized five and a half years ago. I became a Christian woman and since that time I have been doing my best to be his obedient daughter. Our church, the Church of Christ is the best place in our town, it looks like a united family where every Christian is worth to be loved. We try to help and support each other. Besides our church is well-known among the churches in Russia. May be it is because of our preaching school. Our brothers and sisters, the graduates from this school now work in different cities all over the Russia. And we thank our Lord that the principal of this school is Jerry Sisemore. He is our leader, our teacher and just our big friend. He works much at preaching school, in church, he supports many people here. His family (his wife and his son) help him. They showed us a perfect example of a real Christian family. They show us how everyone can live and work for God. They are very special people for us now. From time to time the American brothers and sisters came to our church from different places or your country. They all share their love to God with us. And every such visit is very dear for us. This time they were two brothers David Shaner and Henry Acosta from your church and Jim Rude from Oregon. It was a short visit but they became special for us too. They saw our church, our life, they met many Russian people Christian and non-Christians. They taught at preaching school and shared Lord's Word with us on Sundays and Wednesdays. They brought your hello to us. How great to know that far far from our place we have many brothers and sisters who help and support us, who pray for us. We all thank you very much for everything you've done for us. And since that time you will always be in our prayers. My daughter, Yelena, is a Christian too. She is in America now. She works as a math teacher and studies at a university. She is an evening student. I didn't see her more than an year, I miss her, but I am quite sure that she is not alone. Many American brothers and sisters support her, she is at home in God's family, she is with God. And that is the biggest wonder which our Lord has done - The greatest love to Jesus which unites all nations and people all over the world. And now I am happy to tell you that I love you, that we all love you. We highly appreciate you help and we are always happy to see you in our church. We'll pray and ask God to give an opportunity to some of you to visit Barnaul again. I hope that this letter encourages you as much as I am encouraged by just thinking about you as my brothers and sisters in Christ. May God richly supply all your needs and lavishly build you up in His grace.

In the love of Christ,

Nadia Nikolaenko

Philippians 1:3-6

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." 
- Colossians 3:17

F. LaGard Smith

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December 5-7

A special series

About F. LaGard Smith

Best-selling author Dr. F. LaGard Smith has written challenging books on a wide variety of critical topics, including Out On a Broken Limb, When Choice Becomes God, What Most Women Want (formerly titled Men of Strength for Women of God), Fallen Spiritual Leaders, Baptism-The Believer's Wedding Ceremony, Who Is My Brother?, Meeting God in Quiet Places, and Meeting God in Holy Places. He has also edited The Narrated Bible and The Daily Bible. Brother Smith has served as Professor of Law at Pepperdine University and is currently "Scholar In Residence" at David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Sunday, December 5th  9:00 am - Jesus -- Son of Man 

10:15 am - The Heart, Soul, and Essence of Baptism

5:30 pm - The Realm and Reign of Fellowship Late Night with LaGard (For those who wish to stay, LaGard will continue to dialogue as long as necessary.)

Monday, December 6th 
7:00 - Fellowship Within the Kingdom

8:00 - Fellowship Outside the Kingdom

Late Night with LaGard

Tuesday, December 7th

7:00 - Thinking Christianly in an UnChristian World

8:00 - Can We Disagree and Still be in Unity?Late night with LaGard


The Fellowship Ministry meeting scheduled for TODAY is canceled. The meeting will be next Sunday, December 5th. Bring a lunch and be ready to share your ideas! Anyone interested in helping plan a New Year's Eve Celebration for members/ family/ friends - Please come. Your input is important .

In Sympathy

Our prayers are with Ralph and Anna Crump at the loss of Ralph's sister, Janet Weber after a long duration with Leukemia. Janet passed away last Saturday, November 20th. Ralph left Friday for California and will return Tuesday.

Ornament Party Scheduled

Ladies, sign up at the kiosk in the foyer for this year's ornament party. The party will be held on Dec. 10th, 7:00 pm at the home of Kathy Morse. Sign up by tonight, so we will know how many ornaments to make.

Bible Class Teachers

The new quarter begins December 5th. Nursery through 2nd grade class material is in the office. See Mike or Monica to pick up. 

Teachers do not forget the Appreciation Banquet, Thursday, Dec 2nd. 

Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who brought dishes for last Sunday's meal, and for all the help! Ivan


Help plan future Ladies' Bible Studies

Where: Nancy Callis' (call for directions) 772-6411

What: Salad Potluck (bring a salad)

When: Tuesday, December 7, at 12:00 Noon.

All women who are interested in planning ladies' Bible studies are invited. If you are interested and are unable to attend, please let Nancy know so she can help keep you updated. Bring all of your ideas, books, studies, etc. that you would like considered.


Thanksgiving is a time to think about all the things that God has blessed us with. Yet, it seems that most people overlook Thanksgiving. Last weekend I walked into a store and heard Christmas music. Do not get me wrong, I love Christmas; we just need to take time to give thanks for all the things with which God has blessed us. I learn a lot from my first graders. I asked them to make a list of the things for which they were thankful. One boy said that he was thankful for God's heart. I was expecting them to say they were thankful for their toys & games. When the Bible says we should be like little children, I really understand what it means. Mrs. Rose - 1st grade Teacher


Our power is shut off, and suddenly we become thankful for electricity. Our garbage is not picked up, and suddenly we become thankful for garbage collectors. A good friend dies, and suddenly we discover how much that person meant to us. Why is it, Lord, that we take for granted the uncounted blessings of life until they are removed from us? 

We take for granted 
The mind you have given us,
The rain and soil combining to give us food,
The love of family and friends surrounding us.
Today we thank you,
For being patient with us,
For not forgetting us when we forget you,
For loving and forgiving us,
For music and singing,
For rest and leisure,
For those who understand us,
For laughter and joy.

We thank you for not withholding the blessings of life from us even though we are guilty of taking them for granted. 


TO SERVE  December 5, 1999
Song Leader: Mike Reeves
Opening Prayer: Mike Swaim
Closing Prayer: Scott Dehlbom
Scripture: Jim Cochran
Lord's Supper: Stan Howerton
Jeff Bonthius
Jason Luker
Jack Pierce
Jeff Almond
Offering: Bob Brown
Ushers: Eldon Rude
Paul Welter
Richard Blanchard
Greeters: Pat Irmer & Annette Aiello
Ralph & Anna Crump
Announcements: Don Rude
Audio-Visual: Mike Swaim
Lock-Up Building: Jack Pierce

Contact Dave Bruner ASAP if you are unable to serve.
December 5 December 12
Nursery: Earlene Reeves Jeanne Bonthius


PRAYER HOT LINE - Lynelle Dehlbom 667-7930

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Worship Assembly 10:15 am
P.M. Assembly 5:30 pm
Youth / LTC 5:30-7:00 pm

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John Erwin (Spirit Lake) 683-7001
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Larry Flanagan (Dalton Gardens - Wed) 772-9273
Wayland Lipscomb (Harrison) 689-3706
Greg Morse (Dalton Gardens - Wed) 772-1672
LaMont Petersen (Silver Valley - Wed) 753-3641
Don Rude (Dalton Gardens - Wed) 772-5532
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WEEK OF 11/21/99
Assembly 253
Bible Classes 201
Sunday P.M. Activities 40
Mid-Week Groups ---
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Goal $4,657.00
Average $4,099.78