2016-17 Deacon and Staff Ministries Areas (printable version)

updated 1/23/2017

Buildings and Grounds
Jim Klein, Mike Taylor (Support Elder: Andy Ponder)

- Building Custodian Supervision
- Building Maintenance
- Grounds Maintenance
- Landscaping and Prayer Garden
- Parking Lot Maintenance
- Baptistry

Dale Herboldt, Floyd Shaver (Support Elder: Scott Rouse)

- DivorceCare
- Grief-Share
- Downtown Ministry (180 Living)
- Hope For Life-Nicaragua
- World Bible School
- Family Promise

Jack Culter, Keith Fredrikson (Support Elder: David Bruner)

- Cookouts
- Special Events Fellowships
- Meal Trains for the Sick
- Funeral Meals
- Church Campout

Ministry Support
Steve Taylor, Mike Swaim (Support Elder: David Bruner)

- Finance
- Audio-Visual
- Website
- Library

Relational Growth
Dwayne Campbell, Heath Sande, Nathan Frisk (Support Elder: Scott Rouse)

- Menís Ministry
- Womenís Ministry
- Prayer Ministry
- Card Ministry
- Visitation
- Widows and Widowers
- Involvement
- Encouragement for our Senior Christians

Worship Support
Kirk Davidson, Howard Rude (Support Elder: Andy Ponder)

- Greeters and Welcome Desk
- Communion Preparation
- Serving Lord's Supper & Offering
- Baptismal  Garments & Towels
- Bible Hour

Staff Ministries
Michael Lewis, Jeff Shelton, Ronda Deane (Support Elders: David Bruner, Andy Ponder and Scott Rouse)

- Youth and Family Ministry
- Worship planning, Worship leading
- Office Ministry
- Local Benevolence. Cardwell Food Pantry
- Adult Education, Childrenís Ministry
- LIFEgroups
- Advertising
- Message Sign Content
- Coordination of Community Outreach Events
- Food Drive
- Bible Sports Camp
- Mobile Missionary Forces

Feel free to volunteer to any of the deacons or ministry staff if you want to help in these ministries.

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